Food Blogger Fatally Stabbed By Rival Influencer During Livestream From Nepal Market

OMG! A well-known Chinese food blogger was stabbed to death by a rival influencer during a live stream from Nepal.

According to The New York Post, the brutal attack went down on Sunday, December 4, at the busy Indra Chowk market in the capital, Kathmandu. In a jaw-dropping video capturing the incident, 29-year-old Gan Soujiong – also known as “Fatty Goes To Africa” online – can be seen walking around and laughing with two other friends while streaming himself live. The moment is then cut off all of a sudden by a series of horrified, high-pitched screams in the background, and it is followed by a bunch of shaking before the screen goes dark.

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Another video shows a bloodied and dazed Gan sitting on the ground and holding his stomach while another person, suspected to be 37-year-old influencer Feng Zhengyung, can be heard cursing at him in Chinese. The blogger then can be seen pointing to a cell phone, seemingly signaling for someone nearby to call for help. You can see the video of the attack HERE – but fair warning, it contains some pretty graphic content on the incident.

Gan ended up being brought to the National Trauma Centre. However, he sadly passed away that night from stab wounds to the chest and stomach, per the news outlet OnlineKhabar. Meanwhile, his 32-year-old friend, Li Chuzan, was also stabbed in the stomach during the confrontation and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. There are no other updates on how they are doing at this time. So sad…

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Following the fatal assault, Feng – who also goes by the online moniker “Ayun” – was arrested by the local police on suspicion of killing Gan and injuring Li. Per The Post, preliminary reports claimed the influencer had a massive grudge against Gan following multiple disputes and unpaid debts. What the f**k?! No other details were given.

Gan reportedly traveled and shared his love for food from different countries with his almost 5 million followers in China. It’s beyond awful what happened here. We are wishing Li nothing but the best as they continue to fight for their life in the hospital. Our hearts also go out to Gan’s friends and family following this tragic situation. May he rest in peace…

[Image via The New York Post]

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