Florence Pugh & Olivia Wilde Completely Avoid Each Other At Pre-Oscars Party After Their Don’t Worry Darling Feud!

There still might be some tension between Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde!

According to Page Six, the former Don’t Worry Darling colleagues both attended the same pre-Oscars party hosted by the Creative Artists Agency at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles on Friday night. While pics were circulating of them with other celeb attendees, there were zero snapshots taken of the former co-workers together at any point during the night. Yep! There were no images of them talking to each other or hanging out around the same group despite being at the same bash. Nothing! And there’s a reason for that!

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The outlet reported that the two “noticeably kept their distance from one another.” Insiders even confirmed that they “definitely did not see them interact.” It gives us the same vibes as the Venice Film Festival – where they also noticeably stayed away from each other at the time. Of course, their paths might not have had a chance to cross that night considering the place was packed with A-Listers like Elton John, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dua Lipa, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Vin Diesel, Sandra Bullock, Pedro Pascal, and more. But given their history? It would not surprise us if they purposefully tried to avoid each other during the event!

As you most likely know, there have been rumors for a while that there was bad blood between Florence and Olivia. And there were A LOT of reasons behind it – including the fact that the 27-year-old actress was reportedly “unhappy” with Olivia for having an on-set affair with Harry Styles while she was allegedly still dating Jason Sudeikis. However, the former couple’s nanny claimed Florence was really pissed that the Booksmart director began dating Harry – after the Marvel star and singer hooked up first!

There were also reports of drama between Florence and Shia LaBeouf – who was originally set to star in the film – since she didn’t want to work with an alleged abuser. Rather than understanding her stance on the matter, Olivia took the Honey Boy actor’s side. A video even leaked of the filmmaker saying:

“I think this might be a bit of a wake-up call for Miss Flo, and I want to know if you’re open to giving this a shot with me, with us.”

The feud speculation continued to pile up – even though Olivia continuously raved about Florence and even their crew members coming forward to shut it down. Eventually, the Little Women star shared one comment about the whole situation… to pretty much tell everyone she doesn’t want to get into it:

“Ideally I don’t really want to be going down the Don’t Worry Darling conversation because this whole release for The Wonder has been so positive and I’ve been really excited to talk about that. I don’t really feel the need to go into the nitty-gritty details of Don’t Worry Darling. So if it’s okay, I’ll probably just let that one sit.”

Basically, it sounds like she’s hinting that she had more “positive” things to say about her recent movie than Don’t Worry Darling. That says a lot even though she chose not to talk about the drama. And clearly, there is still some beef between them as they chose to ignore each other during Oscars weekend.

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