Fans Think Meghan Markle Wore A Microphone At The Queen’s Memorial — To Secretly Film Netflix Show??? Come ON!!

The conspiracy theorists are at it again!

On Saturday, Meghan Markle joined her husband Prince Harry to greet mourners outside of Windsor Castle alongside Prince William and Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton. It was a big moment for the couples as they put aside their differences and appeared together for the first time in two years! But, as to be expected, it also didn’t go down without any drama. Meghan was already called out by fans for her intense interactions with royal aides over a flower bouquet. William’s also been blasted for his “cold” behavior toward his wife! OOF.

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Now, days after the event, a new conspiracy theory has risen centering once again on Meghan Markle (and her hubby). Images of the Suits alum meeting visitors have been all over the internet since the weekend – but one seems to be catching people’s attention more than others! In the photo, Meg wears a sleek, slim-fitting black dress. At some angles, though, it appears as though she may have a box of sorts under her outfit near her hip. You can see photos HERE and HERE.

Notice the square?! Fans certainly did and they’re NOT happy about it.

The mysterious object has now spiraled into rumors Meghan might have been secretly recording the event by wearing a mic pack for her upcoming Netflix docuseries!! Holy s**t! Viewers speculated:

“I can’t believe she is recording this. I hope King Charles [III] has told Harry she is not to come to the funeral”

“Is Meghan markle wearing a mic to use the queens death for her Netflix reality show?”

“I’m finally done! Meghan wearing a mic was my last straw. No more tweets about this pair until after the mourning period. I refuse to focus on anything but Queen Elizabeth [II].”


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Others don’t believe the chatter at all — and they find it quite strange so many people are zooming into the photos to get a better look at the so-called mic, clapping back:

“Nothing creepy about zooming in on a photo of a woman’s clothing in this manner, not at all”


Several others believe the object could have been a medical device, saying:

“RN here. That actually looks like a blood sugar monitor that’s worn next to the skin 24/7. Many are that exact shape. Pregnancy in early 40s can often cause hypoglycemia for a few years afterwards.”

“Could it be an insulin pump or some other medical device?”

Much more reasonable guesses than a mic pack! LOLz!

It’s hard for us to believe Meghan would secretly record the walkabout. Sure, she could have picked up some juicy conversations between the couples, but the Queen was Harry’s beloved grandmother. It seems far-fetched he’d do anything to distract from paying his respects to her during the symbolic appearance. We’re not the only ones stunned by this latest viral speculation. A source close to Meghan slammed the rumors on Tuesday, telling Page Six:

“This is insane and actually damaging to her. Of course she was not wearing a mic.”

There ya have it then! It remains unclear what was under her dress, but, TBH, it isn’t our business! It could have been any number of things, such as a medical device. Thoughts on this conspiracy? Let us know (below)!

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