Ezra Miller Appears To Threaten Young Fan In Newly-Surfaced Video: ‘I Can Always Just Knock You Out’

Social media is going wild this weekend after a newly-resurfaced video appears to show Ezra Miller allegedly threatening a young fan with a very unsettling joke (?!?!) comment about violence.

The video, which has been re-posted all over TwitterInstagram, and TikTok over the past few days, shows Miller apparently meeting a fan in a random supermarket in some undisclosed location. The young fan is understandably shocked and surprised to see the Justice League actor in the flesh, and takes a selfie video with the actor, presumably to commemorate the meeting for his own social media accounts.

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But things appear to go a bit haywire when Miller makes an eyebrow-raising comment about how they could “knock you out” if the kid wanted!

Wait, what?!

As the video starts, the kid brings the camera up to show that he is standing next to the popular actor. Immediately, you can hear Ezra’s voice come on screen as the two of them pose for the camera. Speaking to the kid, they say:

“It’s an option I present people, always. I can always just knock you out and then you won’t have to panic. You just let me know. No? Yes?”


The kid is clearly shocked, himself, saying “wait what” after Miller insists on apparently finding out whether or not the younger boy wants to be knocked out.

You can see the video for yourself here:

That’s… weird! And definitely a little disturbing, to say the least!!

It’s not clear whether or not Ezra is joking, of course. (Tho, that would still be a weird joke…) And it makes for a strange moment when the statement sinks in, and the kid finally begins to realize what they are saying.

Twitter users clearly thought it was noteworthy — you can read just a few of their (thousands of) reactions here:

“Ezra is really sick and bold like… I thought they were in jail”

“This boy fears NOTHING because I would’ve pulled the fire alarm so fast”

“Are the police not looking for this man”

“Ezra Miller is EVERYWHERE but prison”

“Ezra Miller is gonna start popping up like a wild Pokemon”

“The way I’d make a citizens arrest”

“You need to be sending this information to the authorities what are you doing taking a video with them”

“dude laughing realizing he’s staring the reaper in the face”

“not even 10 seconds into a conversation and that mf is already ready to knock someone out”


FWIW, other people online are claiming this is supposedly an old video, allegedly taken and uploaded to social media at some time back in 2020. That could possibly be the case. But it doesn’t make the comment less unsettling! Just saying!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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