‘Exhausted’ Khloé Kardashian Sobs & Reflects On Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Scandal: ‘It’s Time To Walk Away’

Thursday’s season finale of The Kardashians on Hulu was a tough one for Khloé Kardashian.

We knew going in that the finale of the family’s first streaming season wouldn’t be easy for the 37-year-old, as it deals with the reveal of baby daddy Tristan Thompson‘s gut-wrenching cheating scandal and paternity suit after fathering a child with Maralee Nichols late last year.

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But seeing it play out during the ep was really something else. And it’s clear Khloé went through the full gamut of emotions while grappling with Tristan’s bombshell infidelity: anger, rage, despair, heartbreak. Sadly, it’s all there. Ugh…

The whole thing begins with Khloé being tipped off to media reports of Tristan having fathered a child. Big sis Kim Kardashian calls Khloé to inform her of the terrible situation, and the Revenge Body host is immediately incredulous:

“What the f**k is this? … Oh my God. This cannot be happening.”

Throughout the episode, in confessional clips as well as conversations with family members, Khloé processes her anger and grief over the blatant and shocking infidelity perpetrated by True Thompson‘s father.

At one point, downtrodden over the cheating, Khloé gets right to the heart of it:

“It’s time to walk away and I don’t feel guilty about it. I tried so hard.”

Oof. We feel for her.

Anger reigned at points, too, as the Good American founder told Kim:

“You either wear a condom, get a vasectomy, or you don’t f**k random people that you meet in other states. It’s not like, rocket science.”

That’s true! Seriously!!!

One of the main issues for Khloé has always been finding out about the cheating scandal “with the rest of the world,” as she explains, as opposed to the NBA star owning up to it and telling her personally.

Angered by that omission, Khloé says this about the pregnancy and related paternity suit:

“A courtesy would be not doing it. But fine, if you do it, you’re not even going to give me a heads up before the rest of the world? It’s just an additional slap in my face. It’s humiliating. I’m embarrassed.”

She continued in a separate confessional clip, questioning the basketball star’s character over the way it was revealed:

“I’m not sure that there’s one thing that hurts more than the other in a situation like this. Everything is an act of betrayal. Everything is a lie. Everything is manipulation. It’s deceit. Did Tristan have every opportunity to tell me? Yes. Was Tristan going to tell me if there wasn’t a baby involved? Absolutely not and that shows a lot about his character. The entire thing is despicable.”

During a FaceTime call with sis Kendall Jenner, Khloé went even further in questioning Tristan’s clear lack of commitment to her and their relationship.

Explaining her skepticism about Tristan’s lack of transparency to her little sister, Khloé pondered:

“If you cheated and you admitted that I would respect you more. If you cheated, lied and were hiding it for months thinking I would never know? You know what that tells me? There’s a dozen other situations that just haven’t outed him.”


As is unfortunately normal in difficult situations like this, the former late night radio DJ also reflected internally on her long-time connection to Tristan.

Wondering where things went wrong for the ex-couple, Khloé stated in a confessional:

“I’m replaying every event. Every grand gesture. Every trip. Every date. Every whatever. All of that was a lie. God, how were you able to not say something? I feel just not really in my own body. That these things are just happening. That I’m just going through the motions. But, I mean, when things happen to you a couple times, you do kind of become immune to them which is really sad.”

And the public fallout from the scandal was, as expected, pretty intense.

In a later confessional clip, Khloé explained her thoughts on the social media-related aspects of it all:

“There’s so much stress. There’s so much noise. It’s become such either clickbait or a media story. I see that all the time that I should’ve known better or I knew what I was doing. No one feels bad. It’s really sensitive. I feel incredibly let down.”

During a later convo with Kim, when Khloé admitted “there’s nothing that can be said or done” to make things better, True’s momma blasted fans’ reactions to seeing her go through adversity:

“Is it the most f**ked up that this has to happen so publicly every f**king time in my life? Yes. Is it so f**ked up that society blames me or women? … It’s disgusting and like, deplorable of these people to talk about other people like that. Like, there’s no empathy. There’s no compassion. There’s just no sense of humanity.”

During her interaction with Kim, Khloé also revealed that she’d eventually spoken to Tristan personally.

Explaining that there’s “not much to talk about” with him, the spurned woman clearly and understandably shared her frustration and anger over being cheated on in such a public fashion:

“It’s gross. It’s a joke. It’s embarrassing. It’s disgusting. We’re all over it. I’m like, I didn’t buy tickets to this f**king circus, but somehow I’m watching all these clowns act out in front of me. I want a refund. Return to sender. I don’t want to be at this show. Somehow, the clowns keep coming back in this f**king clown car. And, no matter what he says, nothing’s going to give me the answers I’m looking for or the closure.”


We get it. This really, really sucks.

Later in the episode, Khloé is sitting in her closet busily packing up Tristan’s clothes in boxes.

During that scene, she explained that she likes to spend time to herself during difficult moments to reflect and recharge. As she did that here, the reality TV star revealed:

“When something bad happens I just become more of a recluse and I just need alone time. I have people in my face all the f**king time. Whether it be construction or crews or whatever, I need just the time. I wanted to believe that Tristan could change. I wanted to trust him and to believe that True and I were worth him changing for.”

On the family front, Khloé is working hard to make sure her daughter will “never know anything’s wrong” with her parents’ relationship.

And optimistically, the reality star came to realize that her tight connection to the rest of the KarJenner fam would help sustain her through all the trouble. At the end of the ep, Khloé opined about her close-knit family:

“We are each other’s soulmates. And without them I don’t know how I would survive. It just makes you feel like you can do anything and no matter what you go through, it’ll be OK. One day, I will have the fairytale that I want to have.”

That’s certainly one very optimistic and hopeful part of this. The rest, though… ugh. What a tough episode for Khloé. We continue to send love!!

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