Erika Jayne Admits RHOBH Co-Star Lisa Rinna Has A Point About ‘Rock Bottom’ Drinking Moment

Erika Jayne is owning up to some of her bad behavior.

On Wednesday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the 51-year-old star spoke candidly to co-star Lisa Rinna about her drinking and self-medicating, and the actions she took during the most recent cast get-together.

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At one point during the episode, the cast became alarmed after Erika appeared to be very intoxicated during several early interactions. She later revealed to them that she was taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin, among “other things.”

The rest of the cast was concerned with the revelation almost immediately, but things really took a turn at Diana Jenkins‘ elaborate birthday party.

There, Erika’s behavior was erratic, aggressive, and obnoxious throughout the night. Co-star Garcelle Beauvais summed up Erika’s loud and boisterous activity in a confessional:

“I think Erika probably misses the spotlight. She won’t shut up. It’s awkward.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff was also caught off guard by Erika’s behavior.

During the night, Crystal had a contentious exchange with Tom Girardi‘s ex after Erika suggested she take laxatives amid her ongoing struggles with bulimia. Unimpressed by Erika’s behavior in instances like that, the 39-year-old star said in her own confessional:

“Erika, I think, has had far too much to drink and her behavior, I think it’s not respectful and it feels a little bit out of control.”

Later in the evening, Erika announced she was “f**king lit” and ordered even more to drink. At one point, she even asked for “the champagne orgasm moment.”

Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton tried to get Erika to stop drinking, but she refused. Erika even became emotional when she explained to Kathy why she didn’t attend Paris Hilton‘s wedding. Breaking down in tears, she told the hotel family magnate about her decision to miss the nuptials:

“You invited me to a lot of events. And the truth is, I didn’t want to bring my scorn and my f**king Scarlett letter on to your daughters and on to you. I didn’t want to bring that f**king shame.”

Kathy, who was shocked by Erika’s behavior and speech, later told Kyle Richards about what was going on at the party:

“It’s getting out of control.”

No kidding…

Garcelle used that opportunity to tell Kathy about Erika’s prior inappropriate actions regarding Beauvais’ 14-year-old son at her birthday party a few weeks prior.

Hilton took Garcelle’s side in that situation, saying:

“You don’t ever want to put yourself in a position of drinking and then losing control and doing something stupid.”

In her own confessional about it after her discussion with Kathy, the longtime supermodel stated her hope that Erika will finally figure out something is wrong with her actions:

“Maybe tonight will be the night where everybody sees that Erika is having a hard time. I mean, I’ve been saying it all along. I know I’m right. I don’t wanna be right but it’s happening right in front of us.”

We can only hope.

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The next day, Lisa went to Erika’s house to have a discussion about the night before. Lisa straight-up told Erika she had been “s**t faced” at the previous evening’s party. Amelia Gray Hamlin‘s momma also asked Erika if she blacked out later in the night after she got home.

Jayne responded that she did, and referenced her ongoing divorce as a reason:

“Yeah, I hit my head. Then I vomited. This is the fallout of everything that happened.”


Lisa replied:

“With the anti-depressants, what happens is one drink is five times stronger, maybe more. You were out of control.”

Eventually, Erika agreed that she took things too far.

She said:

“The truth is, I could’ve hurt myself. It just can’t happen like that.”

Lisa candidly and patiently responded, referencing Tom’s legal troubles:

“You have gone through a tremendous trauma. Your husband was not the guy that you or any of us thought he was and you have had to deal with it because you were married to him. You went to this place because you’re in a lot of pain.”

Rinna also told Erika the antics had to stop ASAP:

“You have to stop this now because you can’t do it anymore. It’s just not who you are.”

Erika agreed.

She optimistically replied:

“Because I’ve always prided myself on always being so controlled, I pushed it too far. I did the wrong thing. Sometimes, you know, it’s hard to be really honest with your friends but thank you for saying, ‘Hey, you know what, you gotta stop that s**t.’”

Lisa summed it up in the most succinct and serious way:

“We all hit rock bottom. Everybody has a rock bottom moment. I think that this is yours.”


Here is more on the unsettling interaction from Wednesday night’s episode on the Bravo episodeafter show (below):


Well, we can only hope things get better from here.

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