Erika Jayne Accuses Kathy Hilton Of Using Homophobic Slur During Aspen Trip In Explosive RHOBH Reunion Finale!

This Aspen trip really packed a punch!

S**t hit the fan during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast’s trip to Aspen this season — and the drama’s not done yet. According to TMZ, Erika Jayne levied some serious accusations against Kathy Hilton in the upcoming reunion finale!

Per sources with direct knowledge of the scandal on Tuesday, during the final episode of the three-part reunion — out on Wednesday — Erika accuses Kathy of using a homophobic slur during the already-infamous Aspen getaway. And this wasn’t just throwing it out there either — it was aimed at someone. According to the insiders, Erika claims Kathy used the slur against someone the cast had been around earlier in the season, but production cameras were not rolling at the time. It is unclear exactly what word she used and what the context of the comment was. Still, it’s awful if true!

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Supposedly, the production team investigated the shocking claims after the trip, but they didn’t find much since this is basically Erika’s word against Kathy’s! With no hard proof, they don’t seem to be able to do much. Innerestingly, Kathy says she doesn’t remember saying anything! So either it never happened… or she uses the slur so often, she didn’t even realize she was saying it!

Of course, with Erika bringing up the drama during the already explosive reunion, things got heated! Paris Hilton’s mother was reportedly adamant she never used the epithet and insisted Erika is a liar — and she has people on her side! Apparently, several other cast members defended her… except for her sister Kyle Richards, who decided to sit quietly beside her during the discussion. Hmm. Obviously, things are still tense between them!

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Despite not being able to verify the incident, producers have not edited out the debate about it for the reunion, so expect to see it play out on screen on Wednesday night!

This latest drama comes amid several reports of issues for the RHOBH cast, particularly as it pertains to Kathy.

For starters, the fashion designer has threatened to leave the show if Erika and Lisa Rinna, whom she considers a “bully,” return. As mentioned, she and her sister are also barely on speaking terms after filming for the reunion shows resulted in a huge argument. Innerestingly, Erika’s slur claims come after a previous episode of the Bravo series saw Lisa claiming Kathy had a major meltdown and shaded “all” of her co-stars in Aspen — delivering some pretty hefty insults in the process! None of them were slurs, but it does show Kathy was riled up and acting insensitively during the vacation. Hmm.

It really doesn’t seem like much is going to be resolved in the reunion finale, unfortunately, but it’s definitely going to be dramatic AF! Whose side are you on, Perezcious readers? Do you think Kathy would have used a gay slur?? Sound OFF (below)!

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