Equinox Didn’t Let New Members Join On January 1 Because They’re Too Good For New Year’s Resolutions??

Equinox launched a bizarre, elitist New Year’s Day campaign with the intention of… discouraging people working on their fitness goals?

The luxury fitness club is under fire after their day-long “We Don’t Speak January” campaign forbade new members from joining on the first of the month. Yeah, you read that right. For those with the New Year’s intention of hitting the gym, Equinox was NOT the place to sign up, as hopeful individuals were welcomed with a tasteless message from the company on its website January 1, reading:

“We’re not accepting new memberships today. It’s not you, it’s January. January is a fantasy, delivered to your door in a pastel-colored box. It talks about change. It needs a new outfit before it can begin. Short-cutting, giving up just a few weeks later. You are not a New Year’s resolution. Your life doesn’t start at the beginning of the year. And that’s not what being a part of Equinox is about. We go beyond what’s possible. We defy expectations. We are not moderation. We want it all, every day. And you deserve it all. At Equinox, we don’t speak January — and neither do you. We look forward to welcoming you to our Equinox community tomorrow.”

Is that not the most pretentious way of literally punishing people for not working out on the Equinox schedule or what?? Also, is it not contradictory for the company to bash New Year’s resolutions as an opportunity for consumerism, while simultaneously selling their own weird vision of what fitness should look like? Last time we checked, fitness is about a personal desire for well-being — not fitting into a company’s standards.

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The fitness giant then doubled down on their campaign, sharing on Twitter and Instagram an additional message that “January is a language we don’t understand.” They wrote:

“It talks about change. It wants you to start something when you should be in the middle of it. It thinks time is on its side. It needs a new outfit before it can begin. Stalling, short-cutting, giving up.”

See (below):

The snobby move was quickly met with a mountain of backlash, with social media users collectively rallying against the fitness club. Disapproving users wrote things like:

“No one who actually cares about fitness goes to Equinox. Rich people just have a biological need to waste money”

“Didn’t realize a health club would be so vehemently against people trying to…checks notes…improve their health and well-being?”

“Equinox gives such loser vibes”

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A TikTok uploaded to the company’s page, which showed the gym’s empty New Year’s Day facility, was quickly taken down after the fierce backlash became undeniable. But you can still see it (below):

What are YOUR thoughts on Equinox’s bizarre campaign, Perezcious readers? Would YOU ever sign up there after seeing this? Let us know in the comments down below!

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