Emily Ratajkowski’s Wayward Husband Allegedly Booted From His OWN Company Due To ‘Complaints About His Behavior’

Emily Ratajkowski‘s estranged hubby may have gotten himself in some trouble beyond serial cheating that reportedly caused the supermodel to finally leave.

As you may know, Sebastian Bear-McClard launched the production company Elara Pictures in 2014 with Josh and Benny Safdie and producer Oscar Boyson. So far, they’ve found success with the 2017 Robert Pattinson film Good Time and 2019’s Adam Sandler vehicle Uncut Gems. But it looks like the 41-year-old won’t be helping to create more critically acclaimed projects in the future! Why is that? Sebastian is reportedly without a job now!

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In the aftermath of Emily leaving, sources have now told Radaronline that Sebastian was “fired” in July due to “complaints about his behavior.” Whoa, what?! No other details about his alleged bad conduct have yet been revealed. But they must have been pretty bad to get the axe from his own company! Maybe something related to the cheating? Maybe related to those racism complaints? We’d put our money on the former. The timing with the breakup is just too much.

Elara Pictures has not commented on the claim at this time. However, the Uncut Gems producer did deny getting canned from the business to Page Six on Tuesday, saying he is just taking some time away from the business in order to take care of his sick mother:

“I’m an owner of the company, I’m not an employee. I’m taking some time off from work to deal with my mother’s health and the well-being of my family.”


This alleged firing comes after a whirlwind couple of weeks for Sebastian. As you may recall, Page Six reported last month that Emily is getting ready to divorce her husband because he cheated. An insider said at the time:

“Yeah, he cheated. He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog.”

This, of course, comes as no surprise to many people since he has faced cheating rumors since 2018, which was the same year the former couple got hitched. The 31-year-old model seemingly confirmed the infidelity claims by liking several tweets about Sebastian stepping out on her, including:

“Girls, how are we celebrating Emrata’s divorce?”

“Emrata finally free from that man just proves that god is actually very real.”

“Can’t believe that little bitch cheated on Emrata.”

Sebastian has reportedly been “begging” Emily to “give him another chance.” Unfortunately for him, though, it does not look like he’s getting one! Adding fuel to the breakup rumors, Emily and Sebastian have been seen not wearing their wedding rings. So even though she hasn’t officially pulled the plug yet and filed for divorce, it feels like it’s coming soon!

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