Emily Ratajkowski’s Alleged Cheater Husband Said To Be ‘Begging For Another Chance’

If you’ve been keeping up, you know we reported last month that Emily Ratajkowski is gearing up to divorce her “serial cheater” husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. The Hollywood producer has been involved in cheating rumors dating as far back as 2018 — the very same year the two got married! Wow…

However, new details have emerged regarding HIS take on the divorce news, and boy… A source close to the 31-year-old model revealed to Page Six that he’s now attempting to do some damage control:

“Sebastian is begging her to give him another chance.”

Sounds like a typical cheater: wants to do their own thing, but when their partner is ready to leave the relationship, they suddenly become apologetic. Not cool — but Emily is smarter than that! The insider added:

“That’s not going to happen because she did her own digging and discovered even more s**t he did behind her back.”

Ooooh, you go Em for sticking your ground! We feel like it probably wasn’t that hard to dig up some dirt on the repeat offender, but we imagine it has to hurt her all the same.

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While the Gone Girl actress apparently hasn’t hired an attorney as of yet,  she reportedly still plans on moving forward with the divorce, and has even gone so far as liking tweets regarding the situation! Some of those include:

“Girls, how are we celebrating Emrata’s divorce?”

“Emrata finally free from that man just proves that god is actually very real.”

“Can’t believe that little bitch cheated on Emrata.”

Dayummmm! However, despite all of the 41-year-old’s infidelity, some mutual friends are apparently sad to see these two split! A New York City society source explained:

“What they had is really special. All of their friends loved watching them in the papers and in the headlines. They were just beautiful, but of course, the most beautiful relationships have these ugly endings. I don’t know what the truth is about Sebastian’s behavior, and I’m not defending him, but I know they’re both reeling. It’s so sad.”

Maybe the separation would be less sad if he wasn’t such a reportedly unfaithful husband! The confidant continued to discuss the couple’s unique dynamic, revealing:

“They’re both different and they came together and it just worked. Everyone was really excited for them, they got married so fast, but they made sense. I think people didn’t think Sebastian was good enough for Emily, but she understood [him]. She’s the ultimate woman, he’s a hunky man and they’re both really smart – Emily is really, really smart. She’s more than a model and he’s more than a movie producer.”

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Emily and Sebastian, who share 1-year-old Sylvester Apollo Bear, notably got married a mere two weeks after going public with their relationship in 2018, which probably serves as a testament for the idea that you need to take time to get to know the person you plan to be with. We’re sad for what the Blurred Lines music video star has gone through, but we support her decision to leave a toxic situation.

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