Drew Barrymore’s Mom Let Her Drink & Smoke At 9 Years Old — But NO CANDY?!

Drew Barrymore‘s childhood exploits with drugs and alcohol are well-documented. That’s why we’re so surprised to learn her mom was so strict when it came to food!

For those who only know the well-adjusted film producer, rom com staple, and daytime talk show host she’s become, Drew was once the Hollywood wild child. Long before she infamously flashed David Letterman on Late Night at 20 years old, one of the most iconic live TV moments of the ’90s, she was already engaging in rockstar behavior as a child star.

The E.T. alum revealed to People magazine when she was just 14 years old that she’d been drinking since she was 9 years old before moving on to harder drugs — and two stints in rehab by 13.

But her mother drew the line at… candy?!

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Drew made the surprising reveal on Friday’s episode of her new podcast Drew’s News, a supplement of The Drew Barrymore Show, in which she spoke to old pal and fellow ’80s star Rob Lowe. The conversation turned to kids who weren’t allowed to have sugar, with Rob warning:

“I always knew there was trouble when a kid would come over and say, ‘My parents don’t let me have sugar.’ I knew I would find that kid huffing sugar. I just knew it. Beware of the kid who tells you his parents don’t let him have sugar. Keep an eye on that kid.”

Drew agreed, saying:

“By the way you are so right, you are so right because my mom wouldn’t let me eat sugar. Studio 54 and weed and alcohol, totally fine — but don’t touch that sugar.”

Just like Rob said, she was a closet sugar addict, too! Literally! She admitted:

“And I did, I snuck chocolate in the closet. All the other habits were out in the open but the sugar was an in the closet thing. Literally I would hide it in a box in my closet…”

Wow. She was doing cocaine at 12 years old, but her mom was a stickler for sugar?! Considering this was treated more strictly than drugs, we can’t help but wonder if this was less about health and more about keeping the little movie star thin. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard about show biz parents putting their children’s careers first.

See the clip of the latest Drew’s News HERE!

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