Dr. Oz’s Science Experiments Killed 1,000+ Animals — Including Over 300 Dogs

As you know, Dr. Mehmet Oz — yes that Dr. Oz — is trying to secure a Senate seat in Pennsylvania against John Fetterman. The campaign has been a pretty close race in the past few weeks, but will the race loosen up a bit after allegations of animal abuse resurfaced?

It’s just as awful as it sounds. The TV doctor is being called out for his involvement in over two decades worth of scientific experiments which took place at the labs of Columbia University‘s Comparative Medicine Institute. According to Jezebel, who reviewed 75 studies that took place from 1989 to 2010, of which Oz was a “principal investigator”, over ONE THOUSAND animals were cruelly experimented on — including dogs, pigs, calves, rabbits, and small rodents. Just awful…

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Per the outlet, 61 of the 75 studies resulted in the deaths of 661 rodents and rabbits. And if that wasn’t stomach-churning enough, 34 of the experiments resulted in the senseless deaths of 31 pigs and 329 dogs. Yeah, over 300 dogs — which included an entire litter of puppies! Sickening.

In 2003-2004, veterinarian and whistleblower Catherine Dell’Orto testified about the extensive suffering these poor animals experienced and detailed several times the Animal Welfare Act — a law which says animals must be euthanized or at the very least given pain medication before being experimented on — was broken. These testimonies were sent to Columbia University and the USDA by animal rights activism group PETA. What Catherine says the Republican Senate candidate’s team did to these animals is seriously disturbing, so continue with discretion…

Dell’Orto recalls one dog in particular experiencing lethargy, vomiting, paralysis, and kidney failure. She says the dog wasn’t euthanized for a full two days and was left to suffer. She also told of at least one dog kept alive for a month for continued experimentation even though it was painfully suffering — and in the end they didn’t even use the data they got from the poor canine and deemed it “unusable”. In another study led by Oz, she alleges a litter of puppies were killed by injection with syringes full of expired drugs — straight into their hearts! And after some of the puppies were killed, they were left in a garbage bag to eventually die with their few surviving littermates. Absolutely horrendous…

In an interview with Bill Penn last month, Catherine confirmed the details of PETA’s letter were true — although she says the organization isn’t always a reliable source of information. And even though the TV doctor isn’t the one who euthanized and treated the animals so cruelly himself, she says he’s still at fault:

“When your name is on the experiment, and the way the experiment is designed inflicts such cruelty to these animals, by design, there’s a problem.”

Exactly! How could someone knowingly go through with something so cruel?

Back in 2004 when these allegations were brought to light for the first time, the institute was given merely a slap on the wrist — a $2,000 fine for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Months later, they defended Dr. Oz, calling him a “highly respected researcher”. Only in April of this year did the university finally cut ties with him very quietly. Hmm…

In an interview with the outlet last month, Gisele Barreto Fetterman who is the wife of Oz’s opponent, made a reference to the animal abuse allegations:

“I think if you look at a profile of someone who makes misogynistic comments, who abuses animals, who does all these things, you’re getting a picture of someone who’s a pretty dangerous person.”


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