Don’t Worry Darling Set Source CONFIRMS Harry Styles Kissed Florence Pugh THEN Started Hooking Up With Olivia Wilde

OK, when Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde‘s nanny dropped her latest bombshell, we were a little skeptical.

We won’t lie: the claim that Harry Styles had hooked up with Florence Pugh on the set of Don’t Worry Darling did *fit*. It made more sense why Miss Flo would be beefing with the filmmaker than just that she was upset on Jason’s behalf. It suddenly gave us a catalyst for her breakup with longtime boyfriend Zach Braff, too, something we’d actually never heard before. Did we mention it was juicy as heck? That’s kind of our thing.

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But this wasn’t even secondhand knowledge. The nanny apparently heard the rumor from Jason, who heard it from Olivia, who presumably heard it from someone on the crew. As she told in her interview:

“Olivia told Jason a couple of weeks after Harry started [on set] that Flo was f**king Harry and she had a boyfriend but was f**king Harry. Then Olivia started seeing Harry herself. It was all very quick. A lot of people don’t know that.”

She also said she didn’t know who Harry Styles was at first. Big loss of credibility there.

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OK, but what if there were other sources backing up her claim? After all, if Olivia heard it from someone… that someone found out, right?

Well, that’s exactly what we got on Wednesday afternoon! A source from the production told The Sun there absolutely was a hookup between the co-stars during their off hours! They claimed:

“Harry and Florence had chemistry from the off, which translated incredibly well on-screen. One night they had a bit of a snog, all very light-hearted and a bit of fun, and that was that.”

Inneresting! A bit of a snog is hardly the two film leads “f**king” — but that’s the grapevine for ya, right? From the set to Olivia to Jason to nanny, and you go from adorable PG romance to X-rated action. Makes sense. And yes, the insider says, it absolutely was being talked about on set!

“It was being gossiped about by a couple of members of production, otherwise no one would have known.”

Wow. This source, however, crushes the theory that this had anything to do with the Zach breakup:

“Harry was very much single at the time and Florence had separated from Zach Braff, although she’d kept the split quiet to — ironically — avoid headlines. There was no cheating or misbehaviour from anyone.”

Well.. between those two, they mean. But whatever spark was between Harry and Florence was snuffed out by their boss — who, as we all know, ended up getting close to her male lead instead!

“However, later on, Harry and Olivia started spending more time together — sneaking off for coffees, hanging out in one another’s trailers, and sharing small, routine intimacies. It was clear to all they had a real connection.”

We’ve heard all this. What we didn’t have was the context for Florence being upset with Olivia. Sources claimed she was upset about the cheating and the unprofessionalism. But this insider says different! And it was clear what the real problem was after they went public at that wedding in January 2021!

“When they were pictured holding hands for the first time, Florence wasn’t too happy.”

Whoa! After that is when their huge “screaming match” allegedly happened — the one that went all the way to the top brass at Warner Bros! We’d heard it was about Olivia breaking COVID protocol, selfishly endangering the production for her illicit new romance. It’s possible that was the text of the fight — but not the subtext? If this insider is right, the real beef was about Olivia swooping in when something was about to happen and stealing Miss Flo’s date! Cue the Brandy and Monica!

The insider makes it clear that wasn’t all that was going on between the two, however:

“There was already tension between the two women and this undoubtedly fanned the flames.”

Right! There was also that Shia LaBeouf drama — in which Olivia publicly took Flo’s side as the reasoning to fire the controversial actor — when, come to find out, she had actually trashed her while asking Shia to stay on the movie. Sounds like these two had a lot of friction! However, the source says it’s all in the past now:

“Although the feud is one of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets, everyone involved is a professional and things are now cordial.”

Sounds less like peace and more like a detente to us. But hey, they don’t have to be besties, it’s not like they ever have to work together again, right?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Now that there’s corroboration are you buying the Harry/Olivia rumor??

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