Did One Of Shanna Moakler’s Daughters Call The Cops On Her And Controversial BF Matthew Rondeau??

The police were called to Shanna Moakler‘s house on Thursday afternoon about a reported “domestic disturbance.”

According to reports, at least two officers from the LAPD arrived at the home of the former Playboy model during the day. In pictures taken at the scene in El Lay’s San Fernando Valley, Moakler can be seen conversing with the police in the doorway of her home while wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt.

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TMZ reports police first received a call from a woman reporting a domestic disturbance at the home. When officers came to check on the situation, they found Moakler and her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, inside the home together. The outlet also reports police investigated to determine who may have called the cops. Sources inside LAPD told the news org that “Moakler’s daughter” called first responders to report “a disturbance was going on and her mom’s boyfriend was yelling at her.” The source doesn’t name the daughter, but obviously that allegation would suggest either Alabama Barker or Atiana De La Hoya possibly called 9-1-1.

Alarmed by the call, officers went inside the home. Both Shanna and Matthew answered the door wearing “skimpy clothes,” per the outlet. Cops separated them to interrogate, but each denied there had been any disturbance or violence. Officers reportedly searched the house and couldn’t find evidence of a tussle. They were unable to find any marks on either party’s body, either, according to the news org.

As it turned out, the “daughter” who called cops in the first place was apparently not in the house at the time. Now, TMZ notes, cops believe that person may have overheard or was made aware of what they thought was a disturbance from afar. That the daughter then apparently called police from the separate location “may be a bad game of telephone,” sources told the outlet.

Shanna Moakler Reunites With Estranged Daughter Alabama Barker After Matthew Rondeau Split
Shanna and Alabama have had a tenuous relationship of late. / (c) Shanna Moakler/Alabama Barker/Matthew Rondeau/Instagram

Of course, Rondeau and Moakler have had domestic issues in the recent past. Back in February, Rondeau was arrested for felony domestic violence. That scary legal situation followed an aggressive social media rant he made about her supposed feelings towards her ex-husband Travis Barker.

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Days after the arrest, the 47-year-old woman was granted an emergency protective order against her partner. The immediate  aftermath included an apparent reconciliation between Shanna and Alabama — at least briefly. And yet it may have been all for naught. About two weeks after that situation, in mid-March, the mom of three and her embattled man were spotted back together again.

Fast forward two months, to mid-May, and Perezcious readers will recall how Shanna went off on Instagram about “communal d**k,” which fans took as a swipe at Rondeau. But even that didn’t end things! A week after that cryptic call-out, Shanna posted a gushing message about the love she has for her man through it all.

Now, it would appear the last part has held steady since Shanna and Matthew were together at the home when cops came. Police didn’t make any arrests after coming out to the house on Thursday. Not to mention it was reported by TMZ on Friday that the reconciled couple were seen packing on the PDA at a Los Angeles Dave & Buster’s last night.

So it looks like this chapter of the relationship roller coaster ride has come to a quick close. We’re just thankful it sounds like no one was hurt or anything like that…

[Image via Matthew Rondeau/Shanna Moakler/Instagram]

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