Did Kim Kardashian Leak Too Much About AHS? Why Some Fans Think Producers Might Be ‘Annoyed’ With Her!

Are the producers of American Horror Story upset with their new star?! Fans seem to think so!

In the season four finale of The Kardashians on Hulu, Kim Kardashian gave viewers a peek into her life filming AHS in New York — but she might’ve gone too far without adding a spoiler alert! In the episode, the socialite was all dressed up as her character Siobhan Corbyn as she filmed, and in-between takes she explained how grueling her work was!

The 43-year-old dished on how each episode had a “new director”, a “new energy”, and a “different pace”, while acknowledging she was having trouble “keeping up” with it all:

“Day three is definitely more challenging. I knew it was going to be a lot of work but it’s definitely more work than I anticipated. We have six hours left. I just have so many scenes and I had a lot of dialogue.”

After her confessional, though, fans got a sneak peek at the set — so STOP HERE if you don’t want any spoilers!

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Kimmy Kakes was seen kissing and hugging Emma Roberts on a beach as they filmed their scenes, and then Kim’s Siobhan walked away from Emma chatting on her phone. This sneak peek was unexpected — and many fans of the reality TV show didn’t know how to react when the spoiler had played out right in front of their eyes!

On social media, some fans commented on how the producers may be furious with Kim for showing off this behind-the-scenes stuff:

“I wonder how annoyed the producers of AHS are with Kim for blowing up some of the plot to that show?”

“The second half debuts after XMAS and they deffo gave away some details they should not have.”

“How did they let her air this? She literally gives us the biggest spoilers lmao”

Other fans, however, brought up the point that it probably wasn’t a huge spoiler if they aired it — we mean, someone approves all this stuff:

“Was that really that much of a spoiler? I feel like it’s kinda obvious to the point where that’s just what I assumed was happening.”

“It is approved by AHS and knowing it’s based off a book I guess it’s a minor spoiler”

Either way, it wouldn’t really be Kim’s fault, would it? Is she in the editing room splicing up footage for the show? We reckon there’s some behind-the-cameras back and forth between both shows where they figure all that technical stuff out!

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