Did Kim Kardashian Break Up With Pete Davidson Because HE PROPOSED?!?

We knew Pete Davidson was fully serious about Kim Kardashian before their breakup last week — but was he already prepared to make an official commitment after nine months? Something even more permanent than several tattoos and a brand, we mean?

As the saga of Kete continued through the months, we saw more and more speculation that the couple might actually go the distance. Pete was getting closer to Kim’s kids, there was talk of his desire to be a dad — maybe even a stepdad. But we never heard anything for sure about the SNL star actually going through with it and popping the question.

However, a new report from RadarOnline says that’s exactly what happened!

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A source told the outlet Pete asked Kim to marry him — and they make it sound like that may have actually been the straw that broke the camel’s back! The insider claimed:

“Everything was just moving too fast. Kim wanted to slow things down and instead Pete proposed.”

That’s pretty shocking, but also… not? Did we mention Pete already got his skin branded in Kim’s honor?? LOLz!

As bold as the claim is, it also fits in snugly with everything else we’ve heard about the end of the relationship. A source told Entertainment Tonight over the weekend that Kim “didn’t feel ready for something serious with” Pete, explaining:

“She initially thought it would be a fun fling, but then it got more serious when they were spending so much time together. Kim wasn’t feeling like she was willing to settle down with him just yet.”

Obviously if it’s true she didn’t want something serious, she had plenty of red flags — or, shall we say, ink-colored flags — to tell her he was in a different place. What changed? Is it really possible he proposed, and that was the moment she knew she had to end things??

Man, how painful. It’s like one of those awkward jumbotron moments at basketball games… Radar‘s insider says the comedian “is devastated” by the split:

“Everyone warned him that he was going to push her away, but he didn’t listen. Remember, this is the same guy that proposed to Ariana Grande after just a few weeks. Pete learned nothing from that relationship. He falls hard and he falls fast.”

The outlet quotes a friend of the couple who reiterated some of what we’ve already heard about Kim focusing on the kids and just not being the same place as the much younger Pete:

“Kim is a great mom. She’s fully committed to her kids and any man she meets needs to know that. Pete understood and was fine sharing Kim with her children, but he also wanted to get married yesterday.”

Whether or not he really asked, we do get the impression Pete was that serious about Kim. But as mentioned, he was also that serious about Ariana. Something tells us he’ll fall in love all over again soon enough.

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