Did Elon Musk’s New Twitter Poll Backfire??

Is Elon Musk about to quit as Twitter CEO??

On Sunday the billionaire put up a poll asking users to decide his fate, asking, “Should I step down as head of Twitter?” and promising he would “abide by the results.” Well, the results are in:

Elon Musk Twitter Poll
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57.5% say he should step down! That’s about 10,063,875 votes for him to go.

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We can’t say we’re surprised by the results. Just about every decision Amber Heard‘s ex has made since taking the reins of the social media giant have been disastrous:

  • He fired tons of employees then desperately tried to hire a bunch back, making it obvious he screwed up.
  • He started charging for verification checkmarks, meaning anyone with $8 could get one — leading to “verified” accounts of corporations tweeting some ridiculous things. One pharma company lost millions in a stock crash after someone created a fake account saying they would be giving away insulin for free.
  • Then, shortly after bringing back the accounts of Kanye West, Donald Trump, and tons of white supremacists in the name of free speech, he started suspending the accounts of journalists who were critical of him. He blamed it all on “doxxing” — saying anyone who even linked to the account that tracked his private jet’s flight record was endangering him. (Though his claim of a stalker using it to harass him has proved to be pretty dubious…)
  • Then as everyone started to talk about quitting and going to other sites, he BANNED the posting of links to other social media — and even giving out your screen names! Real tyrant stuff.

All in all he’s cost Twitter millions in revenue as most advertisers run for the hills. And he never even brought back Vine! So yeah, not a huge surprise folks voted to get rid of him.

But will he really do it? Will he step down??

We’ve seen plenty of speculation he’ll change his mind. This isn’t the first poll he’s posted, and on at least one he didn’t get the result he wanted and responded by taking it down and saying he hadn’t put enough options so it didn’t count. If he was trying to show that more people like him and his decisions, it backfired faster than you can say “Dave Chappelle standup crowd”.

But we’ve also been hearing this whole poll thing might be a smokescreen…

See, the worse Musk makes himself look with this Twitter debacle, the worse Tesla‘s stock is also doing! It makes sense confidence is dropping. We mean, after the last month would you want this guy running your company?? (We know SpaceX employees weren’t happy!) We’ve heard Tesla shareholders are demanding behind the scenes that Elon choose — and step down as CEO of one of the two companies. Is that why he’s actually leaving? Did he make the choice first, then set up the poll?

Could the vote be Elon’s way of saving face? One last show of being a man of the people?? What do YOU think? Will Elon really step down? If so, what will happen to Twitter next?? Let us know your guesses in the comments (below)!

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