Did Britney Spears Just Call Selena Gomez ‘A Hypocrite’ In Cryptic New Post For THIS?!

Are Britney Spears and Selena Gomez feuding?? Sure seems like it… at least that’s what we’re being led to think.

On Tuesday, Britney took to Instagram to share some thoughts on the constant criticism she receives for posting NSFW photos on her page — and it sounded like she was calling out her (former?) pal in the process! In a now-deleted caption alongside two photos of the pop star in a red bikini top, Brit complained about famous women talking down about those who chose to show off their bodies via social media, writing:

“Don’t you just love the nerve of women who stand firmly getting awards and speak on their beliefs about not showing their bodies on instagram ???!!!!! They say ‘This is NOT something I would do’ yet those women are the very ones who get 4 million dollar budget videos made about sucking and licking on homemade ice cream !!!!”

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The 40-year-old singer went on to diss stars who chose to be “a hypocrite” for saying one thing and doing another, continuing:

“These other girls have nothing but beautiful bodies !!!! Who cares if the flaunt it ??? THEY SHOULD !!! So the next time I see someone with a big budget video sucking on lollipops yet giving righteous speeches shaming other women for exposing their bodies, I would like to tell those people don’t be a hypocrite as you suck on your lollipop having HUGE budget dreams … why would you stand firmly against girls getting attention JUST LIKE YOU and they have absolutely nothing ????”

Here’s her original post with the edited caption:

So, she could be talking about anyone, but it seems very likely she’s throwing some major shade Selly G’s way! Why? Well, in 2020, the Only Murders in the Building star appeared in a very big-budget video for her song with K-Pop girl group  BLACKPINK called… Ice Cream. In the video, Selena serves ice cream while in a red-and-white striped bikini. She also rocks a crop top and skirt. So, sure, she’s showing a bit of skin, but she’s nowhere near nude! Take a look:

We’re not the only ones who saw this connection, either. One fan wrote on the ‘gram:

“Come off it already. She’s throwing shade at Selena. For no reason. That’s why she keeps bringing up Justin Bieber. Btw she’s talking about Selena and Black Pink’s ‘Ice Cream’”

There’s even more!

That’s not all the evidence pointing to a feud. Fans now think the Crossroads alum was referencing a 2016 speech Selena gave at the American Music Awards while she was accepting an award. In the speech, she says:

“I don’t wanna see your bodies on Instagram, I want to see what’s in here [your heart]. I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore.”

Was Britney talking about this?? The Wizards of Waverly Place alum’s speech sounded more like she was preaching body positivity than claiming she’d never appear in a bikini again… And if this is what ticked Britney off, it seems a little late to be picking a fight. Just saying! We mean, did she just hear the speech for the first time? It came out several years ago!! And why invite Selena to your wedding if you were so mad about it?

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While the singer has since deleted the caption and replaced it with several rose emojis (as seen above), the comment section is still livid with her. Check it out!

“girl… shut up, what’s this about? stop obsessing over Selena again.”

“selena has shown nothing but love and support for you throughout the years and in return she gets weekly shady instagram posts from you.. check yourself girl.”

“Whoa the speech gave knocked no one down, it was just an attempt at letting people know they are worth more than the shape of their body. Which both Britney and Selena and every other person in the world is. I feel like this is a very uncalled for call out.”

“You completely misunderstood what Selena said and weirdly took it personally, holding onto a grudge over it. Not everything is about you.”

“Log off the internet @ spend time outside. None of this is healthy for your mind”


Don’t mess with Selena!!!

So far, the A Year Without Rain vocalist hasn’t acknowledged Britney’s possible shade. After attending Britney and Sam Asghari’s wedding this summer, she gushed about how “honored” she was to be there. And they seemed like best friends! So, this potential feud is very surprising!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Was Britney calling out Selena? Is she really being a “hypocrite”?? SOUND OFF (below)!

[Image via BLACKPINK/YouTube & Britney Spears/Instagram]

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