Denise Richards Bought Daughter Lola A NEW Luxury Car After Her Scary Accident!

Denise Richards is standing by her decision to buy her daughter an expensive new car — even after she “totaled” her previous one.

In case you don’t remember, Denise and ex-husband Charlie Sheen‘s 17-year-old Lola was involved in a serious car crash in July of last year. According to California Highway Patrol officers, they received a call about a car that had been driven “over the edge” of an embankment in a hilly area near Malibu. Once on the scene, they found Lola’s Volkswagen — thankfully it did not go all the way over the edge of the embankment, only slammed into it. Things could’ve been so much worse if the car had fallen gone all the way down the hill!

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The Sun reported at the time that Lola had been “navigating the dark winding road after dark” in the moments leading up to the crash — but innerestingly her dad later argued his daughter wasn’t behind the wheel at all! In a tweet, the actor claimed it was her ex-boyfriend:

“setting the record straight; my daughter Lola was NOT driving and it was her now EX boyfriend … a 16 yr old with no license and only a permit. He lied to the police like the pathetic coward that he is … he blatantly ignored every terrified plea to slow down.”

Yeesh. Thankfully all three occupants of the vehicle — Lola and her two friends — got through the crash without severe injuries. Police did note the driver had a headache after the collision. Scary.

Now, seven months later, the girl’s mother is speaking out about the whole ordeal. On SiriusXM‘s Jeff Lewis Live on Thursday, the RHOBH star revealed she bought her daughter a Mercedes-Benz. And she already knows the criticism that’s coming:

“People are going to be like, ‘Oh, you got her another car.’ It was about five or six months later.”

OK, so not RIGHT after. As for why she picked a Mercedes, well… The 51-year-old did say the luxury vehicle is “very safe” for Lola, though she couldn’t remember exactly what model she’d gotten her, saying just:

“It’s like a sedan.”

Later in the interview, the Wild Things actress confirmed what her ex-hubby had said at the time of the incident — their daughter was not in the driver’s seat of the car the night it crashed:

“She protected the person driving. I knew she didn’t drive [that night], and then finally [she] came clean.”

Apparently Lola had “snuck out” with her friends that night, leaving the Volkswagen “totaled” but “no one” severely injured. The Bravolebrity admitted the incident scared the teen straight:

“The police officers were so wonderful because they said that there’s a car accident there almost every single weekend, and a lot of kids don’t survive it. It scared the f**king s**t out of her.”

We’re so thankful everyone was okay after the crash! You can watch the full interview (below):

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