Demi Lovato’s Full Song SLAMMING Wilmer Valderrama Relationship Age Gap Just Dropped — LISTEN!!

Demi Lovato has a lot to say about her past relationship!

On Wednesday, the pop star released the full version of her new song, 29, which fans think references her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama. You know, the controversial six-year romance that began after they met when Demi was just 17 and he was 29. That’s a 12 YEAR age gap! Yowza. In the song, Demi makes it clear she’s not a fan of the romance looking back with lyrics like:

“Petal on the vine / Too young to drink wine / Just five years a bleeder / Student and a teacher / Far from innocent / What the f**k’s consent? / Numbers told you not to / But that didn’t stop you.”

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In the final chorus, the pop star, now 29, goes on to admit she wouldn’t feel comfortable dating someone so young, singing:

“Finally 29 / 17 would never cross my mind / Thought it was a teenage dream a fantasy / But it was yours it wasn’t mine.”

You can jam out to the full diss track (below)!

Oof. Sounds like she did some soul searching and realized this fling was not as healthy as she once thought it was! That said, Demi has yet to confirm who the song is about — and she has no plans to divulge that info either!

Speaking to Zane Lowe in a new interview for Apple Music out on Wednesday, the Disney Channel alum revealed she felt the need to get vulnerable on 29 after a recent rehab stay — but she doesn’t want to reveal too much aside from the lyrics for her own privacy. She explained:

“When I turned 29, I remember I was on vacation and I just realized I’m 29 now, and it put things into perspective. It put everything into perspective. And I’m very careful with the way that I answer these questions because I feel like the song says it all.”

After the personal revelation, she decided to pour her heart out in the lyrics as a way to process the emotions:

“Turning 29 was a huge eye opener for me. And then, going into treatment and having realizations led to my transformation, my release of the emotion that was put into this song.”

The Holy Fvck artist, whose next album drops in full on Friday, went on to reveal she was nervous to release the song, saying:

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a ton of anxiety about putting out this song. I just said, ‘I have to go for this. I have to own my truth.’ And I do still walk that line very finely.”

Honestly, we think it’s pretty great she’s getting so candid! Plenty of young celebs, in particular, jump into some controversial relationships with people much older than them. Maybe a song like this would help them realize they’re better off with someone their age before it’s too late?!

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While she’s fairly comfortable sharing her truth in her songs, Demi’s taking a step back from getting too personal when it comes to discussing her private life to protect her mental health, she told the radio DJ:

“I’ve learned that sometimes saying less is more. And it’s taken me to 30 years old to maybe learn that, but here I am approaching the way that I express myself differently in front of the media because it’s okay to have boundaries.”

Does that mean we won’t be getting any scoop about her new man?! Hmm…

Her decision to stay hush-hush makes perfect sense though — especially when it comes to Wilmer! As Perezcious readers know, she’s been fairly open about their love story in the past. In her 2017 documentary, Simply Complicated, the singer recalled meeting the That ‘70s Show star when she was just 17. On falling for Wilmer, Demi shared:

“I met him on January 11, 2010. I thought, ‘I have to have him,’ but I was only 17 and he was like, ‘Get away from me.’”

Wilmer wasn’t standoffish for long! By the time Demi turned 18 in August, they started dating, she detailed:

“When I turned 18 we started dating. I think it was love at first sight, we connected on a level that I’ve never connected with anybody before, he was just my rock, my everything.”

They took a quick break when the Sonny With A Chance alum entered treatment for physical and emotional issues in 2010, but reunited in November 2011. They dated quietly from then until going public with their romance in 2015. The next year, they called off their relationship, writing in a joint statement on Instagram:

“After almost 6 loving and wonderful years together, we have decided to end our relationship.”

A source told People at the time “a lot of their issues had to do with their age difference.” They stayed friendly after the breakup with Wilmer even visiting his ex-girlfriend in the hospital after her July 2018 overdose, but in 2020 she told Harper’s Bazaar they are no longer “in each other’s lives,” though she wished him “nothing but the best” in his engagement to Amanda Pacheco. Seeing as she already shared SO much about their relationship, no wonder Demi’s preferring to let the lyrics speak for themselves!

Hear more from the singer about her upcoming album (below)!

Now we gotta know how Wilmer feels about this diss track! It must be kinda brutal to hear what his ex really thought about their romance all these years later!! Reactions?!

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