Danielle Fishel Confesses She Secretly Had A Crush On Boy Meets World Co-Star Rider Strong!

It turns out Danielle Fishel knows how to keep a secret for a very long, long time – especially when it comes to who her crushes were during her time as Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World!

During the latest episode of her Pod Meets World re-watch podcast, one fan asked if any of the cast members had any crushes or romances behind the scenes of the series. That is when the 41-year-old actress quickly jumped in and confessed to her co-hosts Rider Strong and Will Friedle that she had been holding onto a secret for a while, 30 years, in fact! What is it, you may ask? She spilled on the podcast that she “had a crush on Rider.”

Not only may this be some big news for fans of the sitcom, but it also came as a huge shock to Rider! He replied:

“That’s not true. You’ve never told me that.”

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However, Danielle confirmed it and said that “it is too true.” In fact, she was able to pinpoint the exact moment when she started gaining affection for the Kim Possible alum. She recalled:

“I think it started maybe later in season 1 and definitely through season 2. I did. I had a crush on Rider. I don’t know — he was so smart. You know one of my favorite things about Rider, and it still stands to this day, Rider is very effusive. He will tell you how he feels and he’s very free with his compliments, but he doesn’t throw them out willy-nilly. When Rider compliments you it is thoughtful, it has meaning. You can tell it’s coming from a very real place.”

AWWW! Love that!

Even though the Girl Meets World star had a little infatuation with Rider, it does not mean the two didn’t get on each other’s nerves every now and then on set. Danielle

“I think when I first started Boy Meets World, Rider was probably annoyed by me. I think I was like a stereotypical L.A. girl to him.”

At times, she claimed Rider was somewhat “eye-rolly” towards her during the start of the show, but they eventually moved past that and formed a strong connection. Danielle added:

“We had very meaningful conversation about whatever was going on in our lives.”

Obviously, not about one particular crush in her life! It only took her 30 years to make that confession! LOLz! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are you surprised that Danielle used to crush on Rider? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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