Dad Allegedly Killed 15-Year-Old Daughter — Then Tried To Blame Autistic Stepson?!

An Ohio father has been accused of shooting his own daughter. Even more horrifying, this comes after he originally claimed it was his stepson who committed the crime.

According to the Dayton Police Department‘s press conference statement on Tuesday, just after noon Sunday officers responded to a call saying a teen had been shot at a boarding house in the 400 block of Bowen Street. Major Brian Johns detailed the response, saying:

“The remarks on the call stated that a female 15 years of age was shot and killed at the residence, and that she was killed by her 15-year-old sibling who was autistic and nonverbal.”

When they arrived at the home, first responders were met by Kenneth Paul Farler III and his wife, who both said 15-year-old Kendra Farler had been “shot and killed by the sibling”.

However, Major Johns confirmed that not long afterward, these claims were “proved to be false and that the young lady was shot and killed by her father inside the Bowen Street address”:

“We have great investigators here at Dayton Police Department. And they knew right away that those stories weren’t consistent. And upon further questioning, got an admission to the crime.”

Sickening! Not only do police believe he killed his own daughter — he tried to throw his vulnerable son under the bus, as well! And got his wife to back him?!

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The officer went on to say the force are treating this as a homicide, and he doesn’t believe this was an accident at all:

“Even our victim was asking him to not point a shotgun at her prior to her death. So that’s not an accident. I was there with the entire homicide squad Sunday, and to say it was a tragedy is an understatement.”

Kendra’s stepmother has not yet been charged with anything, and it’s unclear if she will — despite lying along with her husband. For now she is reportedly cooperating with police and helping with the investigation. Meanwhile the late teen’s father is facing one count each of reckless homicide, involuntary manslaughter, and child endangering. He’s also facing gun related charges in connection to the shooting.

You can see more about the case (below):

Heartbreaking. She was so, so young. We hope Kendra can rest in peace and get the justice she deserves. And that her stepbrother can be relocated somewhere safer as well!

[Image via Kendra Farler/Facebook/Miami Valley Jails]

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