Cryptic Update In Mysterious Death Of OnlyFans Model Known As Wednesday Nyte

A new update has been made regarding the death of OnlyFans model Wednesday Nyte.

The adult content star, whose real name is Heather Sargent, was found dead in Las Vegas last month under mysterious circumstances. The 31-year-old posted a chilling selfie only 2 days before her untimely death. In it she was using a filter that gave her a face tattoo which read “Pray For Me”:

heather sargent selfie pray for me tattoo
(c) Instagram/Heather Sargent

It’s unclear if the selfie had any relation to her mysterious passing, but surrounding the circumstances it has become unsettling to many. So eerie…

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Haley Sargent, who claims to be Wednesday’s only sister, broke the news of the model’s death on Twitter with a sweet tribute photo that read:

“Heather Elaine Sargent
May 27, 1991 – June 18, 2022
You are so loved. You didn’t deserve this.
RIP sis

The tweet itself was captioned tagging her sister and saying that she loves her “always”. See the full post (below)

So heartbreaking…

Soon after the news of Sargent’s death came to light, many of her fans and friends had questions — but were quickly shut down by her sister. In response to a follower that had asked what happened, the surviving sister simply stated:

“If you were supposed to know you would.”

It’s clear the family and loved ones of the victim are keeping her cause of death a private matter, but further cryptic tweets suggest that maybe they weren’t keeping the matter secretive only for the sake of privacy.

In a response to a now deleted tweet, Haley says:

“As this person has people covering for them on here I will not be sharing any further information until we have everything or if I need further assistance. I have the information I need at this point I believe at this time the appropriate people know what is needed. Thank you!”

Whoa. Sounds like there is a pretty serious investigation regarding Heather’s death.

A big update was made a week after the OnlyFans star was found dead — someone the family had been searching for (a suspect??) was finally found. Once again requesting privacy and no further questions, Heather’s sister tweeted:

“Update on @wednesdaynyte The person we were looking for has been found. At this time there is nothing further I, nor her family/friends can speak about. Please no questions.”

See the full tweet (below)

Not much information has been released surrounding the porn star’s death, but many have tweeted their condolences and love toward her family. Family friend Lacey Williams set up a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral and travel expenses. In the description, she states that the family themselves “don’t have answers” yet as to what happened:

“As you know by now, unexpectedly and tragically Heather Sargent’s life was taken far to soon. Unfortunately at this time we don’t have alot of information surrounding the circumstances. We ask that any questions at this time just be refrained as honestly, we dont have the answers. We hope this changes dramatically in the very near future.”

So so sad…

Our hearts go out to Heather’s family and loved ones. We hope they get the answers they are looking for soon. If they choose not to share those answers, well, we at least hope they let us know they have closure.

[Image via Instagram/Heather Sargent]

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