Crying TikToker Goes Viral Trying To Stop Tears From Ruining Fresh Spray Tan! HA!

Sometimes a good ol’ fashioned cry solves all your problems… But not right after getting a spray tan!

Halle Hawkins, who goes by @halsterhotkins, is going viral on TikTok after posting a clip of herself earlier this month on the verge of tears right after getting a spray tan. If you haven’t ever gotten one before, you’re DEFINITELY not supposed to get it wet before it has a chance to settle into your skin. If you do, it could result in a streaky, uneven, and unsightly mess! So, you know… don’t do it while in the midst of a rainstorm or an emotional crisis!

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In the video, Halle sits in the passenger seat of a car with tears welled up in her eyes as she speaks directly into the camera:

“Nothing is more real than being about to cry but you just got a spray tan.”

She never explains WHY she was about to cry, but clearly it’s something overwhelming!

Her friend in the driver’s seat does her best to distract the newly-tanned TikToker by asking about all the “cute clothes” she wants. She also recommends they “turn the air on high” to dry the tears from her eyes! HA! Halle captioned the video:

“No chance I’m letting a tear ruin this tan”

Watch (below):


????????????????@ken prepare yourseld for tomorrow

♬ original sound – halsterhotkins

OMG so funny! Users in the comments sure had a field day with the vid, writing:

“i’m never getting a spray tan bc this is freaking me outtt”

“Girl my ex bf broke up with me the day I got my first ever spray tan safe to say it didn’t last”

Some took notice of how her spray tan already looked “ruined”:

“girl it’s already ruined”

“I’d cry if my spray tan looked like that too”

“That’s the worst spray tan I’ve ever seen”

Commenters never fail to troll! LOLz! Reactions?? Sound OFF in the comments!

[Images via Halle Hawkins/TikTok]

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