CPS Caseworker Accused Of Trying To Take Children From Moms Who Rejected Her Sexual Advances

CPS, get your act together!!

A former Child Protective Services worker from Colorado has been accused of trying to remove children from their homes when their mothers rejected her sexual advances.

Robin Niceta, who is the partner of former Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, got into some legal trouble in May after being exposed for filing a false police report against an Aurora City Council member shortly after quitting her job at Arapahoe County Human Services. Niceta is believed to have called the child abuse hotline from her own cell phone and make accusations against Danielle Jurinsky, saying the council member had inappropriate contact with her own son. This came soon after Danielle openly spoke against Wilson, and it’s assumed this is what caused Robin to retaliate. After months of research and lack of evidence, though, law enforcement concluded the report was completely fabricated.

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Jurinsky is suing Robin and ACHS for the false allegations made against her — but it seems this class action suit has only revealed more disturbing allegations against the defendant. The lawsuit, which was officially filed last Wednesday, features more than 40 people and alleges Niceta used her time working in CPS to blackmail women who refused her sexual advances…


Legal documents cited by ABC7 state Niceta would try to “engage in sexual relations” with clients whom she was currently investigating:

“[Niceta would attempt to] engage in sexual relations with parents and caretakers she was actively investigating, including by offering alcoholic beverages at her personal home and giving away her personal cell phone number.”

Awful! But it only gets worse because if the parent or caretaker would refuse her advances, she would allegedly threaten and actively work to remove said child from the guardian’s care. Just awful, those poor families deserve so much better than to be taken advantage of by someone they’re supposed to be able to trust. And more than 40 people are accusing her of this abuse! An absolutely ridiculous number! If it’s all true, how did she get away with this alleged behavior for so long?

According to People who obtained the lawsuit, each alleged victim’s story was “nearly identical,” including more alleged false accusations made against them, suggesting this wasn’t Robin’s first time lying to the child abuse hotline:

“[The victims] experienced nearly identical conduct, including being investigated based on false allegations … and being subject to [Niceta’s] unconstitutional attempts to separate her from her child.”

In an interview with KDVR-TV, attorney Elliot Singer recounted one of his clients’ said interactions with the former caseworker. Robin allegedly gave her cell phone number to the victim and suggested she “come to her personal residence” to which things took a horrifying turn:

“When she arrived there, Niceta invited the target of this investigation into her house, offering her an alcoholic beverage. Once she declined what was clearly sexual advances, Niceta essentially turned on her and did everything in her power to make sure the child was permanently removed.”

Just disgusting…

It’s reported Niceta hasn’t entered a plea to the charges against her, but ACHS responded in a statement to the allegations back in May which said they’re taking this “very seriously”:

“Arapahoe County also takes allegations of false reporting seriously – especially when they involve employees. We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior, which undermines the critical work of our team. Upon receiving an allegation of false reporting by an employee, we immediately engaged law enforcement and conducted an internal investigation. It would be inappropriate to provide any further comment on this personnel matter.”

These accusations are seriously disturbing and only come a few weeks after a CPS worker in Austin, Texas was fired after telling a 14-year-old girl she should become a prostitute!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as this story continues to develop. For now, sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via YouTube/CBS Colorado/Arapahoe County Police Department]

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