Courageous 12-Year-Old Girl Saves Family From House Fire!

A 12-year-old girl from Oklahoma managed to wake up in time to save her family from a house fire!

According to a Clinton Fire Department post on Facebook, 12-year-old Deysi Garza Aguirre was inside her family home early Saturday morning. She was asleep on the couch and woke up when she heard the sounds of popping coming from a nearby electrical outlet:

“This is Deysi Garza Aguirre, she is 12 years old and she is a hero. Early Saturday morning she was asleep on the couch in her house with her 4 younger brothers and sisters cousin and aunt asleep in their back rooms. She was awakened to the sound of popping and saw an electrical outlet sparking.”

Thinking quickly, the young girl unplugged everything she could, but she noticed a fire had already spread to the furniture in the home. In an act of bravery and love for her family, she ran and woke everyone up — her four younger siblings, cousin, and aunt. Miraculously, she was able to safely guide the entire household out of the home:

“She tried to unplug everything but then realized there was already fire spreading to furniture. She then went and woke up all of her siblings and safely got them out of the house and then went to her neighbors house and called 911.”


Not only did Deysi get her family to safety, the child took it upon herself to go to the neighbors and call 911! This girl has some serious courage!

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The CFD recognized the girl’s fearlessness in the post and said she no doubt “prevented a much worse situation from occurring”. On Tuesday, the fire chief presented the tween with an award for her “courage and bravery”:

“Her courageous actions no doubtably prevented a much worse situation from occurring. Today we presented her with the Clinton Fire Department award for courage and bravery.”

Sadly, it seems the family did lose their home — but more importantly they still have each other and no injuries were reported. The post finished on a final bittersweet note:

“While they may have lost their house their family is still whole.”

See the full post (below):

On Wednesday, Lieutenant Dylan Abner of the CFD spoke to KOCO 5 News about the fire. He praised the child and said she’s “far beyond her years”:

“She’s an amazing little girl. She’s far beyond her years.”

He also stated the award she was given was created just for her!

“We put together the Clinton Fire Department award for courage and bravery. It’s just something we felt like we should do for her.”

Garza Aguirre also spoke to the outlet and told her point of view. As the fire spread, she said she “doesn’t remember” what she was thinking and just acted on her instincts — which were telling her to protect her loved ones:

“I heard everything first. I was sleeping right here and the fire started right there, so I was really close to the fire. I started screaming my aunt’s name. I can’t remember what I was thinking, but I was just trying to get them out.”

Just amazing! She doesn’t feel like a hero, though! She’s just glad her family is doing okay:

“Everyone told me I’m a hero. I feel good because I saved my family.”

So kind and selfless! She truly is an inspiration, we could all learn something from her!

[Image via Facebook/Clinton Fire Department]

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