Couple ‘Petrified’ After Allegedly Capturing ‘Grey Lady’ Ghost On Camera In Creepy UK House — Look!

Did this couple just have a brush with one of the UK’s most famous ghosts?

That’s what TikTok users are trying to figure out after @sabcarl8890 shared a spooky video that racked up more than two million views, showing what appears to be a ghost running past an open door inside Birmingham’s Aston Hall.

In the clip, the couple can be seen walking up the creaky old staircase of a stately 17th-century home shouting for “Mary” — AKA Elizabeth Mary “Grey Lady” Holte, whose spirit is said to haunt the room she was locked inside of by her father for 16 years.

Obviously they didn’t really expect the Grey Lady to show up. But lo and behold, the camera catches a glimpse of a shadowy figure flying past an open door in the top room! And the couple said they were left “petrified” by the encounter. They explained in the caption:

“We are just looking around as a family and captured this unexpectedly… We went back today just me and my husband, I’ve just uploaded the live video to prove I didn’t fake any of it. I was petrified.”


For those who don’t know, Aston Hall was built for Sir Thomas Holte, and is reported to be home to a number of spirits. In fact, it was named the UK’s most haunted location in 2019, according to The Mirror.

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One of the building’s most famous ghosts is the Grey Lady. As the legend goes, Mary went mad after Sir Thomas locked her in a room after learning his daughter’s plans to marry a man he felt was unworthy. While the story has never officially been verified, it’s been reported on several historical sites — and is supported by the occasional sighting of a female apparition.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Museums, which runs Aston Hall, told the outlet:

“With a history spanning 400 years, Aston Hall has been owned by nobility and visited by all walks of life, all of whom left their mark on the spectacular Jacobean building. The second floor of Aston Hall is where families can visit Dick’s Garret, once the dormitory for servants. It is this area that is supposedly the most haunted, with various sightings of figures once connected to the building.

As for the infamous Grey Lady, the museum rep shared:

“Legend suggests Holte locked his daughter in a small room after discovering she was eloping with a man of lesser status and her spirit remains trapped in the dormitory. However, if you’re planning on visiting soon, don’t be alarmed, ghost sightings are rare and you’re sure to have a great time in the house itself or lovely gardens and grounds.”

So did this couple really capture the spirit of the Grey Lady?

Many on TikTok believe so; however, one user claimed it was all smoke and mirrors, writing in the comments:

“it’s a prop the room public are not allowed in just a cloth creating shadows it’s on a timer creating a shadow I’ve been there loads of times”


What do U think, Perezcious readers? Did these tourists really come into contact with the Grey Lady, or is this some fake Scooby Doobery?

Watch the clip for yourself and share your thoughts in the comments (below)!



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