Coco Austin Claps Back After Being Criticized For Bathing Daughter In Sink: ‘I’m An Unconventional Mother’

Coco Austin is defending herself after her controversial “get ready with me” post.

If you follow the 43-year-old on social media, you may have seen her TikTok, which she later posted on Instagram, detailing how she gets herself and daughter Chanel ready in a crunch. As we’ve previously reported, her time-saving mom hack had fans divided, to say the least.

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If you didn’t see, she revealed she gives her daughter a bath in the kitchen sink when time is limited because it’s “easiest when you have to be fast.” As a refresher, see the post (below): 

Followers quickly jumped in the comments to voice their opinions, which ranged from things like: 

“Yall still treating her like an infant”

“You go in the bathroom to do your hair but can’t bathe your baby in there?! you lost me, babe”


“Yep! If the sink big enough! I have a two year old an if he could fit in mines that’s where he would be most of the time!”

“Yes the kitchen sink also saves you from back pain”

Well, Coco has heard your takes, and she’s ready to fire back one of her own!

In a Twitter post uploaded Sunday morning, the Ice Loves Coco star clapped back at critics, writing: 

“Wow just Wow! Here we go again! Giving my lil girl a bath in the sink went Viral? SMH!”

Sheesh, that “again” comment is referring to the fact this isn’t the first time she’s gotten tongues wagging with her parenting! We all remember the stroller drama her and Ice-T were the subjects of a few months ago… She continued:

“People, you gotta know by now that I’m an unconventional mother. I do what works and is easier on me. Some may want to take some pointers rather than rag on me!”

Ha! See her full tweet (below):

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Sass central! She didn’t lie, though… Shortly after fans came to her support, writing kind messages like: 

“Babe…. You do what’s best for your daughter. She’s being raised in a house filled with love, laughter and kindness. Some people just don’t have that and criticize those who do. Blessings and you ARE a phenomenal mom”

“You parent how you see fit, the rest can screw off. Love ya”

We completely agree! Chanel looks to be EXTREMELY well taken care of, so this really shouldn’t be an issue. Let the mother be a mother! And if she has a parenting hack that works for her, decide whether it would work for you and MOVE ON! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Images via Coco Austin/Instagram & TikTok]

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