Coco Austin BASHED For Wearing Thong Bikini To A Family Water Park — But Did She Do Anything Wrong?!

Coco Austin is catching major heat on Instagram for wearing a VERY revealing G-string bikini at a water park. And yes, she had her 6-year-old daughter, Chanel Austin, with her — as well as many other children around.

But did Ice-T‘s wife really do anything wrong?? Or are people just being super uptight about something that isn’t that big of a deal?!

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The drama has been steadily building for the last few days. Late last week, the 43-year-old stunner posted a series of snaps from Baha Bay Water Park in the Bahamas where she and Ice-T are vacationing with their adorable six-year-old daughter.

Coco shows off a LOT of skin in the snaps, barely covering up all her sexy bits despite being around so many young kids at the family-friendly locale. And Chanel is wearing a matching bikini! Though obviously a lot more covered up.

Ch-ch-check out the pics (below):


And Coco wasn’t done there, either!

A day later, she shared more revealing pics, joking that Ice-T had become her paparazzi photog while she was gallivanting around the park with Chanel:

Such cute and happy mother-daughter memories being made!

But also… the skimpy bikini… and the G-string thong… they both definitely drew a LOT of eyeballs! And a lot of reactions online, too!

Some Instagram users immediately seized upon the family setting at the water park, taking to the comments section to call Coco out for dressing inappropriately around children (below):

“Your bathing suit is soooo NOT appropriate for a water park”

“So I gotta ask, don’t you ever feel like maybe at a kid-friendly place a G-string is inappropriate? Just curious if you ever feel like that”

“INAPPROPRIATE for a water park.”

“It’s disgusting that’s what you think is acceptable to wear around children”

“A bit much around all the kids now Coco…”

“Girl put some clothes on when your child is around, smh”

“You’re at a water park in front of lots of kids dressed like that!”

The debate quickly turned, though, as other users rushed to Coco’s defense! Some IG users pointed out that she was wearing a bathing suit at (gasp!) a water park! In their minds the drama was a total non-issue!

Here are just a few of those reactions (below):

“She’s in a bikini in the Bahamas. Why should she have to adjust her clothing because there are kids?”

“She’s in a two-piece, not naked”

“I love the relationship it’s goals don’t let the haters ever slow y’all down”

“Two great models! Great job, mama!”

“If you don’t like seeing her ass, then don’t look at it. She’s not hurting anyone.”

Well then! Lots of perspectives!

Butt… from our POV, this take is probably getting closest to the truth of the situation:

“All the fathers at this water zone are in deep s**t cause they were too distracted being mesmerized by u and weren’t attending to their kids”


FYI, the Baha Bay Water Park’s website has a dress code for guests, but it does not state that G-strings aren’t allowed. So it would appear as though Coco did not break any rules by showing off her scantily-clad curves.

Either way, this is far from the first time Coco and Ice-T have taken heat on social media for their parenting actions. Heck, this isn’t even the first time they’ve drawn IG ire THIS WEEK!!! People definitely have lots of opinions about Coco!

What about U, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF with your take on this hot momma’s water park attire down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Coco Austin/Instagram]

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