Chris Rock Completely Blasts Will Smith’s ‘Hostage’ Apology Video While On Tour With Dave Chappelle

Some things we know to be true without a doubt include the sun rising every morning, water being wet, and Chris Rock not holding back on jokes.

That’s right… If you’ve been keeping up with pop culture for the better part of 2022, you know back in March the Madagascar actor made a not-so-funny joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness (which is alopecia-related), and Will Smith did NOT have it. In fact, he marched right onto that Oscars stage and landed a slap clean across Chris’ face.

As we’ve previously reported, Will was then banned from attending future Academy Award ceremonies for TEN years and sort of disappeared under the radar for a few months before resurfacing in July with an apology video to directly address Chris and the infamous slap. A source close to the stand-up star revealed shortly after the apology he had “no immediate plans to have a one-on-one with Will,” and since then has remained somewhat quiet on the matter… Other than THAT joke where he compared his situation to the late Nicole Brown Simpson’s… However, it looks like Rock is finally ready to roll on with some discussion regarding the matter.

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During a stop at the O2 Arena in London Saturday, the Grown Ups actor addressed Will’s apology video in a way that seems pretty on brand, stating:

“F**k your hostage video.”

Damn! Looks like he’s definitely not ready to move past things! He previously noted how painful the slap was, explaining in other comedy sets:

“Yes that s**t hurt. He played [Muhammad] Ali. I can’t even play Floyd Mayweather.”

He has also referred to Will as “Suge Smith” in reference to the infamously ruthless Suge Knight of Death Row Records, who is currently serving a 28-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter. What is it with Chris comparing Will to alleged murderers??

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The Spiral actor then explained to the audience he returned to work the following day (after the slap). Dave Chappelle, who is currently touring with Rock, later took to the mic to chime in on his experience with on-stage violence, specifically referring to his May attack:

“That was some scary s**t.”

He then went on to explain if he would have been in Chris’ shoes during that Oscar slap, he doesn’t know how he would have reacted, but Will definitely would not have “enjoyed the rest of his night.”

So much big talk, but we guess that’s what a comedian’s job is! What are YOUR thoughts on Chris’ comments on the apology? Should he get over it or do you think he’ll hold a grudge forever? Either way, let us know down below!

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