Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards’ 17-Year-Old Daughter Involved In Terrifying Car Accident!

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen‘s 17-year-old daughter has been involved in a serious car crash.

According to The SunLola Sheen was in a vehicle that reportedly drove into an embankment on a hill in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

The outlet reports, terrifyingly, that California Highway Patrol officers at the Malibu/Lost Hills Substation received a call that night about a car that had been driven “over the edge” of an embankment. The incident reportedly occurred on Stunt Road, by the Topanga Lookout Spot in a very hilly area overlooking land near Malibu.

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Once officers arrived on scene, they found a Volkswagen involved. Thankfully, the car did not go over the edge of the steep embankment, but rather merely crashed into it. The outlet notes that it “did not roll over the cliff.” And while all three passengers appeared to have escaped severe injury, there were some repercussions. A spokesperson for the CHP substation in Malibu revealed that the driver of the car complained of pain after being seen by first responders:

“Nobody was taken to the hospital but the minor driver complained of a headache after the collision.”

The Sun reported that Lola had been “navigating the dark winding road after dark” in the moments leading up to the crash. That area west of El Lay offers stunning mountain and ocean views — but the roads are narrow, the hills can be incredibly steep, and there are many blind curves and difficult stretches.

However, the driver of the car may not have been Lola, as had been initially assumed by the outlet. On Thursday afternoon, Charlie took to Twitter in an attempt at “setting the record straight,” as he stated. The Major League actor claimed Lola was not behind the wheel, but rather, it was allegedly her 16-year-old (“now ex”) boyfriend.

He wrote:

“setting the record straight; my daughter Lola was NOT driving and it was her now EX boyfriend … a 16 yr old with no license and only a permit. He lied to the police like the pathetic coward that he is.”


Understandably incensed at the danger faced by his daughter in that potentially fatal situation, Sheen continued:

“he blatantly ignored every terrified plea to slow down.”


For her part, Lola shared an uplifting message to her Instagram Stories late on Thursday night, but she did not address the incident itself:

Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards' 17-Year-Old Daughter Involved In Terrifying Car Accident!
“Be kind to yourself and your mind,” Lola wrote, in part, while sharing an ocean view. / (c) Lola Sheen/Instagram

Whatever actually happened on scene, we’re just glad it appears everyone was able to walk away from the accident. That could have turned out so much differently. Awful to think about…

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Denise has not yet publicly commented on the accident, but just a few weeks ago, on the very first day of June, she celebrated her daughter’s 17th birthday. In the tribute, the former Real Housewives star beamed about how Lola can “walk into any room and always light up the room.” She also shared several photos of her “sweet and compassionate” daughter, as you can see (below):

We’re just happy she is apparently physically OK after this ordeal. Sending love and light to all!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Avalon/Lola Sheen/Instagram]

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