Chaka Khan BLASTS Rolling Stone For Ranking Adele, Mary J. Blige & Mariah Carey Higher Up On ‘Greatest Singers Of All Time’ List!

Chaka Khan just CALLED OUT these musicians!

Wednesday’s episode of Los Angeles Magazine‘s The Originals podcast hosted by Andrew Goldman got heated as guest Chaka Khan aired her frustrations about the “blind bitches” who created Rolling Stone’s “200 Greatest Singers Of All Time” list, which you can see HERE! Let’s just say she had some VERY hot takes on some of the world’s most beloved singers — and she didn’t give a f**k about sharing her controversial opinions!

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When asked what she thought about the rankings, the musician, who came in at No. 29 (not too shabby out of 200) complained of the music critics:

“These are blind bitches! They are blind as a motherf**king bat! They need hearing aids… These must be the children of Helen Keller!”

Holy s**t!

What got her so mad? Well, it wasn’t just that she disagreed with most of the list but that her frenemy Mary J. Blige appeared higher than her at No. 25! If you didn’t know, while performing with her band Rufus, the singer used to introduce their song Sweet Thing as “the song Mary J. Blige f**ked up” after the “queen of hip-hop soul” covered the tune in 1992, according to LA Magazine. In 2007, they seemed to settle their feud when Blige sang on Khan’s song Disrespectful, but the truce seems to be over with this harsh reaction! Damn!

The 69-year-old Ain’t Nobody vocalist then went OFF on some other major players in the music industry, like Mariah Carey, Joan Baez, and more! On the Queen of Christmas, who placed in No. 5, the performer joked:

“That must be payola [AKA bribing] or some s**t like that.”

Her thoughts on Adele landing in No. 22 weren’t much better, either, as she reportedly threw her hands up and exclaimed:

“OK, I quit.”

Whaaa? She doesn’t like Adele? Whoa! Chaka then set her sights on folk singer Joan Baez, who came in at No. 189, saying:

“Let’s be honest, the bitch cannot sing! […] Now she was a good writer.”

Hah! She could hardly manage a compliment. LOLz!

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So, did she agree with anyone on the list?! Actually, yes! The musician was thrilled to see Aretha Franklin top the chart, cheering:

“As she f**king should be. Thank you there’s justice somewhere!”

The same goes for the runner-up, Whitney Houston, who she actually has a history with, she noted:

“Great… I’m the one who introduced her to [music mogul] Clive [Davis]. […] And I introduced her to the business. I made her mother bring her down to the studio and sing background with me. Her and Luther Vandross. They both sang background for me on my albums.”

Beyoncé, who ranked No. 8, was also acceptable, the I’m Every Woman artist revealed:

“I don’t have anything to say about Beyoncé. She’s a great singer… She’s got the chops. She does.”

Interestingly, despite freaking out over the list on the podcast, Chaka, born Yvette Marie Stevens, admitted she hadn’t even heard of the Rolling Stone list before! And while it sure sounded like her ego was bruised, she claimed she didn’t care at all:

“I didn’t even know what the hell you were talking about, so obviously this don’t mean a great deal to me. These people don’t quantify or validate me in any way.”

For someone who doesn’t take the list seriously, she sure had some fiery comments! Interested in hearing her clap back at the singers’ placements? Listen to the full thing HERE! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know what you think of Chaka’s hot takes (below)!

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