Cassie Carli’s Autopsy Report Only Raises More Questions About Her Mysterious Death

The case of Cassie Carli just got a whole lot murkier.

If you don’t remember, in March, 37-year-old Cassie was reported missing by her father Andrew Carli and sister Raeanne Carli after they received a mysterious text from her. Only, it was on the night of a custody exchange with her ex-boyfriend Marcus Spanevelo, for their 4-year-old daughter Saylor in Navarre Beach, Florida. The single mom had previously alleged abusive behavior stemming from Marcus, citing in a GoFundMe (HERE) dedicated to the surmounting legal fees she had accrued during a custody battle. She claimed he’s a “master manipulator” and said more about his supposed scary tactics:

“During my pregnancy, this man’s abusive control and manipulation escalated.”

The night of the custody exchange, Cassie’s father became nervous after she did not answer her phone, texting her:

“I’m freaking out case [sic] call me as soon as you get this message.”

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In response, he received:

“I’m sorry, car was acting up and I broke my phone. Marcus is working on it. I will stay at his place tonight.”

This was immediately cause for concern as Raeanne explained:

“If she was having troubles she would never seek help from him, that’s just crazy. She would walk next door to the restaurant before she asked him for anything.”

Cassie was officially reported missing the following morning, and a few days later, Marcus was taken into custody in Lebanon, Tennessee, where he was charged with tampering evidence, providing false information concerning a missing person, and destruction of evidence (authorities claimed he had stolen and disposed of her phone). Just hours later, Cassie’s body was found in a “shallow grave” on a property linked to Marcus 300 miles from where she was last seen. At the time, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson indicated high confidence in linking Marcus to her death, noting:

“I think he’s either going to spend the rest of his life in prison, or he’s going to get the needle. Hopefully the needle.”

Now, six months later, Cassie’s autopsy report is providing more questions than answers.

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Pell City, Alabama medical examiners have spent the last few months working with the coroner and AFDS laboratory in Huntsville, Alabama to try and uncover the details behind Cassie’s death, the final obstacle Santa Rosa prosecutors have in charging Marcus with her murder. Yet, according to the St. Clair County Coroner’s Office via WFLA, the cause and manner of her death remains “undetermined.” St. Clair County Coroner Dennis Russell explained that although they couldn’t officially pinpoint the death as a homicide, it doesn’t rule out the possibility — “undetermined means undetermined.” WFLA reporter JB Biunno explained in a tweet, “it could be anything, including homicide.”

See (below):

As of now, Marcus remains in jail.

This must be so difficult for Cassie’s loved ones. We just hope her little one is in great care. And hopefully more answers can be determined soon. For now, leave your thoughts in the comments (below) or contribute to the GoFundMe (HERE) raising money to benefit her daughter Saylor.

[Images via Cassie Carli/GoFundMe & Santa Rosa County Jail]

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