Capri Sun RECALL — Thousands Of Pouches May Be Contaminated!

If you or your kids have had any Capri Sun juice pouches recently, you need to pay VERY close attention to this report!

Kraft Heinz has ordered a huge recall of the beloved beverage!

Reportedly, complaints started rolling in from customers about an odd taste in the juice, precipitating an investigation into what the heck was going on. Unfortunately, KH found a possible contamination from one of their production plants in which cleaning solution MAY have gotten into the drink mixture!

They’re not even sure?! Oh no…

The company has issued a recall on over 5.7 THOUSAND cases of the child’s juice drink, specifically in the Wild Cherry flavor — that’s over 230,000 individual pouches! But what exactly is in the cleaning solution that makes this recall so critical?

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Well, we don’t know for sure, the company didn’t get that specific in their release to the public. Food processing plants use anything from simple diluted detergent to something more serious like a chlorinated sodium solution for cleaning their machines — either way, it’s not something you want to be drinking!

If you’ve got pouches of Wild Cherry Capri at home, you should be looking for a “best by” date of June 25, 2023. If your pouches have this date printed on them, you can return them to the retailer you purchased them from for a full refund, even if the case is already open — definitely do not consume them!

This isn’t the first time Capri Sun has come under fire for possible issues, either. In the past they’ve gotten flack for allegedly having mold, fungus, and even worms in their pouches — ick! This would probably be a bad time for the company to bring up their campaign slogan from last year “We’re Sorry It’s Not Juice”…

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