Brooklyn Beckham ROASTED For Leaving Wine Cork In Sauce — But His Clapback Is Impressive!

Brooklyn Beckham‘s culinary “career” took yet another hit over the weekend.

Yet again, crazy and embarrassing social media tales of nepo-woe just seem to keep finding the 24-year-old aspiring chef, don’t they?! This tiff was so public that he actually had to respond, too.

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This particular social media battle started late last week. Last Thursday, Brooklyn took to Instagram to show off a pair of pictures of him cooking some kind of concoction in a very large pot on the stove.

As you can see (below), David and Victoria Beckham‘s famous son also had an adorable pup hanging in a sling around his body for “Daddy day care” as he cooked the food. But pay close attention to what was in the pot itself:

Awww! Love that sweet little dog face!!

But what is that in the pot?! Is that a wine cork? Did Brooklyn accidentally leave it in after pouring the bottle and then forget to pull it out later or something?!

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Over the next 48 hours, fans relentlessly roasted the published photographer down in the comments! There were lots of cry-laughing emojis and tons more snarky responses to the cork being left in the stew:

“Is the cork added flavour?”

“When someone told you to ‘put a cork in it Brooklyn,’ they meant… stop talking”

“Brooklyn ‘cooking’ again”

“There’s a cork in your pot … & dog hair about to join”

“Why are you cooking the cork for bro?”

“Are you supposed to cook with the cork in the pot?”

“Only here for the comments pointing out the cork!”

“Wtf is everyone going on about the cork, I’m more disgusted he’s cooking with his pooch strapped to him. Only health and hygiene.”

But one commenter defended him, writing:

“Lots of people say that the Cork adds to the flavour — I’m going to try it next time!”

That ended up being the angle Brooklyn took in response to the long days of online abuse, too! The cork commentary got so heated that Brooklyn popped back up on his IG Stories over the weekend. He posted a passage pulled from a February 2016 article which claimed wine corks can be thrown into pots to tenderize and add flavor to food:

“More research ensued and we found information that the addition of wine corks added to the cooking liquid ensured a more tender dish.”

Brooklyn Beckham Got Roasted So Hard For Cooking Sauce WITH A Wine Cork In It That He Had To Respond!
Who knew?! / (c) Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

That article, which was originally published by the Naples Daily News nearly seven years ago now, went on to add:

“Experts have argued about this method [wine corks] but most chefs and those who regularly prepare squid and octopus swear that there are enzymes in the corks that insure a more palatable dish.”


So that’s something. Guess we learned a new fact today! (You can read the full article HERE, if you’re interested. Brooklyn certainly was!!)

And with that cork clapback, it would appear the young Beckham lad has come out victorious in this round of the ongoing digital battle against his Instagram critics and haters

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram]

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