Brooklyn Beckham Flaunts Massive Tattoo Dedicated To Wife Nicola Peltz!

If there is one thing we know about Brooklyn Beckham, he loves to get tattoos of his wife, Nicola Peltz!

As you’ve most likely seen by now, the 24-year-old has A LOT of ink dedicated to the 28-year-old actress, including a drawing of her eyes and a love letter from her tattooed on his back. Most recently, he unveiled a massive portrait of Nicola on his right shoulder – but it turns out there was more than just a picture of her face included in the sweet tribute!

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During an appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show on Thursday, Brooklyn shared that he had somewhere between 80 to 100 (!!!) tattoos on him – with the latest being the portrait of Nicola. But there’s more! When he got the pic of the model done, the amateur stylist revealed he had the lyrics to one of their wedding songs included! He shared:

“I actually got my wife’s portrait on my arm, that was the last one that I got. I actually got on the same day, some of the lyrics of the song that she walked down the aisle to.”

Awww!! Of course, that is not the only way Brooklyn honors his wife. He explained to Jennifer his decision to take on her last name, saying:

“It was my idea because I wanted to honor her family’s last name as well. And I thought when we have kids I think it would be so cute to have little Peltz Beckhams running about. I just thought of it and it was nice.”

So sweet! You can ch-ch-check out the entire interview (below):

[Image via Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube, Nicola Peltz/Instagram]

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