Britney Spears Speaks Out About Her Sons Amid Kevin Federline Drama

Britney Spears is sharing her side of things.

On Wednesday, the 40-year-old mother took to Instagram to give her take on what’s been going on with her sons, 16-year-old Sean Preston and 15-year-old Jayden James, amid all the sad, heartbreaking stories coming out.

It all started over the weekend, when a sneak peek of an upcoming interview with her baby daddy Kevin Federline was released, showing the 44-year-old making claims about their boys refusing to see her — and even refusing to go to her wedding! Of course, Britney and her husband, Sam Asghari, clapped right back, calling the news “hurtful.” Then MORE bad news for the pop star came out — according to K-Fed’s lawyer, her sons actually side with their grandfather, Jamie Spears!! Obviously we don’t understand why, but clearly the sons have their reasons — or they’ve been told their reasons, at least. No one really knows for sure.

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But now the freed Brit-Brit is speaking out, and here’s what she has to say:

Britney Spears tells her side of the story with her sons

Britney Spears shares her side of the story about her sons' visitations

A lot to unpack there. Regardless of who it is, we’re inclined to side with the mother on most matters, and we sincerely hope this momma bear and her cubs can heal and come together again. Wishing them the best.

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