Britney Spears Says Dad Jamie Is Just Trying To Get ‘Revenge’ By Unsealing Her Medical Records!

Britney Spears won’t stand for her father, Jamie Spears, trying to unseal any of her medical records — something she thinks he’s doing only for “revenge”!

The 70-year-old has been fighting to unseal his daughter’s confidential medical information for a while now. His lawyer Alex Weingarten asked Judge Brenda Penny to request the motion back in January, arguing that the “public has the right to know” to give some more context to their legal case beyond what Britney said about him on social media.

Well, speaking of context, we should point out this is a complete 180 from his original stance on the matter!

As you may recall, Jamie actually fought to keep any court records from her conservatorship sealed in 2020. He argued at the time that it was not only in her best interest but also that she did not have “the capacity to understand the consequences of” her request to release them. But now he’s doing everything he can to get her medical records unsealed just to help out his own case? Seems like Britney has a point!

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According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Weingarten argued in a motion on July 22 the 40-year-old pop sensation should be deposed and that previously unsealed medical records should be used as exhibits. The former conservator’s lawyer insisted to the outlet “there is no part of this that is an effort to leak records to the public,” explaining:

“There is a procedure that you must follow to file documents under seal of the court, and that is the procedure we followed.”

When asked if the previously sealed docs are included as exhibits whether they could potentially be unsealed in the future, he claimed that his team is “attempting to negotiate” for a “protective order governing the use of confidential information.” Weingarten added:

“What would happen, if we ever get the deposition and there were ever legitimately confidential information, then it would be shielded from public view.”

Britney isn’t buying it, though! Her ace attorney Mathew Rosengart fired back in a new motion on Monday that Jamie has “sunk to a new low” with another “regrettable – and mean-spirited – attempt to bully, harass and intimidate his own daughter.” And while Weingarten says his filing is just routine procedure, Rosengart noted that the dad’s legal team made this legal move less than two weeks after a judge ordered Jamie to be deposed. Meanwhile, it was ruled that Britney would not have to sit down for a deposition. A very telling sign of his alleged “revenge” schemes, as Rosengart puts it:

“By then, Mr. Spears was well-aware that this court had issued a tentative ruling on July 13, 2022, to deny his motion and knew very well that this court would resolve the issue of Ms. Spears’ deposition on July 27, 2022. Consequently, Mr. Spears can have no purpose in seeking to render the conditionally sealed materials public other than undertaking his purported ‘vindication’ and revenge plot against his own daughter. It is shameful.”

He could say that again!

He also stated that the singer’s medical information is ultimately protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA). But beyond that, Rosengart pointed out the hypocrisy of Jamie and his previous legal team demanding that her records be sealed – which will be until at least October 26, 2022, when a hearing on the matter is scheduled. He went on to conclude:

“His own wonderful, iconic daughter is now free and wants to move on with her life. That should be all that matters. That is all that would matter to a decent, loving father. … He should stop abusing the process. He should stop harassing and bullying his daughter. And he should move on.”

Well said! It is seriously time for Jamie to move on and let Brit be happy — but (clearly) he is not backing down anytime soon.

Do YOU think Dad is just out for revenge here? Or does he think there’s something in those records that will get the public on his side??

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