Britney Spears’ Lawyer BITES Back — Claims ‘Cruel’ Kevin Federline Could Face ‘Legal Issues’ After Sharing Videos!

Britney Spears’ lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, is coming to her defense after Kevin Federline tried to make her look like a bad parent!

ICYMI, late Wednesday night, Kevin posted a series of videos of the pop star arguing with her teenage sons, Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, when they were 11 and 12. In the videos, which were seemingly taken without her knowledge, she can be heard raising her voice as she asked to be respected and punished her children for not listening to her. Pretty normal parenting stuff.

But Kevin seemed to think otherwise and called his ex-wife out for supposedly treating their sons poorly, claims that come after he revealed they no longer want to see their mother and haven’t visited her in months. More is to be dished in an upcoming ITV interview, too, during which he said things that were “too hurtful” to the boys to make it into the final edit. Yeesh.

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While Britney and her husband Sam Asghari have already had their say on some of K-Feds upsetting claims, her lawyer is also clapping back! In a new interview with Page Six on Thursday, Matthew slammed the accusations being made against his client, who he gushed about, saying:

“Britney Spears is a brilliantly-talented, extremely-hardworking icon, who is rightfully beloved and respected by millions around the world.”

He didn’t have such kind words for Kevin, adding:

“The same, unfortunately, cannot be said about Mr. Federline, who for reasons that are inexplicable, decided to give a gratuitous interview that has hurt the mother of his children.”

Kevin Federline posts video of britney spears arguing with her sons
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He went on to stress that the 40-year-old singer has “faithfully supported” her kids and “loves them dearly.” What she doesn’t love is their personal family matter now suddenly becoming a public matter, he continued:

“Whether he realizes it or not, Mr. Federline has not only violated the privacy and dignity of the mother of his children, he has undermined his own children, whose privacy he should protect.”

Rosengart added:

“​​Putting aside his ITV interview, Mr. Federline’s abhorrent, ill-advised decision to post an old video of his 11 and 12 year old children was cruel, bottom of the barrel stuff.”

You can say that again!!

Interestingly, Rosengart claims the former backup dancer could face legal consequences for the leaked videos! The 44-year-old may have broken the law by uploading the videos since it does not appear in the clips that Britney was aware she was being filmed — and California is a two-party consent state. That means it’s illegal to record a private conversation without all parties providing consent. Just as Matthew has been fighting for justice in the Crossroad alum’s conservatorship battle, he plans to do the same with this issue, noting:

“In addition to demeaning himself and violating societal norms, he has now also created various legal issues for himself including, but not limited to, implicating cyber-harassment and cyber-bullying statutes, among other things.”

Whoa! Bet Kevin didn’t think that through!

The attorney went on to express what an “honor” it has been for him to work with Britney to “suspend her father [Jamie Spears] as conservator, to help her gain her freedom and dignity, and to help protect her from the type of bullying she endured in the past.” And he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon — no matter who the legal battle is against! He insisted:

“We will not tolerate bullying in any area.”

Britney’s legal team is now working with Instagram to “ensure” her ex-husband “adheres to its rules and [they] are exploring all appropriate relief against him.” He concluded:

“In the meantime, as Britney herself poignantly said, whatever is occurring between her and her boys should remain private. We urge Mr. Federline to act with a measure of grace and decency and to cease from publicly discussing private matters, which benefits no one.”

Kevin’s attorney has not responded to Page Six for comment. It does appear the former singer may have some regret about making the videos public since they were deleted early Thursday, but still, they will forever live on the internet. The damage has been done.

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As we reported, in the two videos that were posted, Britney could be heard disciplining her children. This was also while she was still under her 13-year conservatorship and only had restricted time with them. In one video seemingly taken in one of the boys’ bedrooms, she can be heard saying:

“This is my house. If I want to come in here and give you lotion for your face because it’s coarse … y’all better start respecting me, are we clear?”

“You all need to start treating me like a woman with worth. I am a woman, okay, be nice to me, do you understand?”

In the second clip, which was broken into two parts, Britney was seen in the passenger side of a car having an argument with her son who went into a store without shoes on. She raised her voice, but merely as any frustrated mother would during a typical parental argument, even saying at one point:

“I do care more than you know.”

You can see the shocking footage HERE.

Fans have largely taken her side on the matter, blasting Kevin for trying to paint Britney as a bad mom just for attempting to parent her children. Some viewers wrote on social media:

“The fact that Britney Spears has to remind her own kids that she is a WOMAN and she deserves RESPECT tells us all we need to know about Kevin Federline’s parental influence. That man is pure evil and he’s raised those kids in his image. Truly tragic. #JusticeForBritney”

“Dear Kevin Federline. You released a ‘scathing’ video of a mom being a mom. Sometimes moms — gasp — have reactions. They might discipline by taking things away or ask for respect. This is shocking but sometimes moms will argue with their kids. #BritneySpears.”

Things remain tense for Britney, unfortunately. And who knows what will be spilled in the upcoming ITV interview. It’s a shame that her kids and their relationship with their mom have now been dragged into the spotlight (whether or not they agreed to upload the upsetting content). Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you think Britney should consider legal action against Kevin if the law allows it?

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