Bride Goes Viral After Sharing HORRIBLY Screwed Up Wedding Cake On TikTok!

Lots of couples work for ages planning their weddings and it’s no easy task! From the decorating, the formalwear, and picking the perfect venue, it takes so much work and the last thing anyone wants is anything to go awry. Unfortunately for this TikTok user, things could not have been more messed up with one of the biggest parts of a wedding reception — the cake!

The Australian bride in question, Taylor Hunt, shared a video to her social media last week showcasing how huge of a mistake her chosen bakery made with the cake. In the video she appeared in front of a photo of the cake she ordered — a plain white buttercream cake with the word “amore” written across the side of it in frosting:

“I got married last week and it was perfect it all went great, except for this one thing. This is the cake we ordered, she’s gorg. The (bakers) were like ‘yep, easy.’”

Simple enough, right? There weren’t even any intricate designs or decorations! Just a frosted cake and one word written on the side — very elegant and minimalist, there shouldn’t have been an issue for any experienced baker. Shouldn’t have.

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While laughing, the newlywed bride explained she and her partner did NOT end up with what they wished for on their big day:

“So no one actually checked the cake before it was cake time, and we didn’t have an official cake-cutting moment…thank God! Because this is the cake we got.”

Showing off the pic behind her, a completely bare and unfrosted cake lie in a box with a broken chocolate disc slapped on top of it that read “my darling.” WTF!? How did the bakers go from a plain white cake to that?

Luckily, Taylor saw the humorous side of the story and wasn’t mad about it:

“Like, what is that?”

Whew. If they had a big cake cutting moment that would’ve been so embarrassing!

The bride continued and explained her mom immediately contacted the bakery:

“The funniest part is that my mum was in charge of the cake and she got on the phone right away and text the baker a picture and was like, ‘did we get the wrong cake?’ … That is not even remotely close.”

Ch-ch-check out the wildly different cake she received (below):

@taylorhunt__ CHECK THE CAKE #weddingfail ♬ original sound – Taylor Hunt

The bakery’s response only brought on more confusion to viewers, though! In the comment section, Taylor said they’d sent her the cake completely intentionally — there were no “switched at baked” moments:

“It was the right cake, they just ‘missed some details’”

Some details? They missed all of the details! Thankfully for them this bride was so chill, it could’ve really upset anyone else — and rightfully so!

Maybe next time the baker’s man shouldn’t bake a cake “as fast as he can” — time is of the essence when dealing with weddings but so is the presentation! What do U think, Perezcious readers? Have U ever experienced a big wedding fail? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

[Image via TikTok/Taylor Hunt/MEGA/WENN]

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