Brian Austin Green Talks Megan Fox Divorce: ‘The Big Thing For Me Was Therapy’

They may have drifted away from each other romantically, but Brian Austin Green and ex-wife Megan Fox will always be aligned when it comes to co-parenting their children.

The 48-year-old actor made an appearance on the Viall Files podcast on Wednesday and detailed how his relationship with the Jennifer’s Body star has evolved amid his romance with Sharna Burgess and Meg’s whirlwind relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. And he’s making it clear that they’re both “equal parents” no matter what.

When asked about what he’s learned from divorce, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum mused:

“I think the big thing for me was therapy. I was really trying to, instead of looking at what went wrong in that relationship, figuring out what things about me I didn’t really like and wanted to better before my next relationship.”

Never too late for self-improvement!

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Green explained that he and Fox have continued to prioritize their three sons — Noah, 9, Bodhi, 8, and River, 5 — since he and the actress split in May 2020 after nearly 10 years of marriage.

He elaborated:

“Winning honestly is for the kids. One of the big things for me when we separated, I think people go into separation with the wrong idea. They think, ‘Well, I don’t want this to affect my kids.’ I don’t think it’s possible to not affect your kids.”

The El Lay native went on to say that what parents can control is “how it affects your kids,” explaining:

“It’s either a horribly negative situation … or you make it as loving and kind and flexible as possible and you make sure that they are truly taken care of. At the point that they are, it’s amazing how much smoother everything else is.”

Green then shared how both he and Meg are doing their parts to make post-divorce living as smooth as possible for the entire family — specifically by not caring about how the other parent lives their life (so long as they aren’t putting the kids in any danger, of course). He noted:

“The person that Megan chooses to be with and the life she chooses to lead, there aren’t many things that I have control over, nor do I want control over. I want my kids to have their life with their mom and I want their mom to be happy. They’re not in any sort of danger at this point so why would I step in and interrupt something that’s happening. My idea may not be any better than hers. We’re equal parents.”

As for how Burgess fits into all of this? The Dancing With the Stars pro told host Nick Viall:

“Something I respect so much about Brian and Megan is that these kids are the No. 1 priority at all times. It’s really, really beautiful to see and it’s a huge credit to them.”

Sharna, who is expecting her first child with BAG later this summer, added that the actor’s past has only helped their relationship blossom, noting:

“I never felt like he put his past on me. We’ve always been very honest with each other. We were always very transparent with each other… The idea of comparing yourself to anyone sets you up for failure… To compare you to anyone’s past or history also sets you up for failure. You can only focus on who you are, how you love, how you can be for that person or how they can be for you and focus on the future ahead. While knowing that you have to make space for these things because they had a life before you.”

Sounds like a recipe for success! Moral of the story? More men should go to therapy. LOLz!

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