Blac Chyna Owes The KarJenner Fam Nearly $400K Following Lawsuit Loss!

Blac Chyna is facing a big-time legal bill following her recent lawsuit loss against the KarJenner fam!

Of course, the 34-year-old public figure came up short in civil court back in early May after trying to draw some cash out of Kris Jenner‘s fam for supposedly torpedoing Chyna’s reality TV hopes and dreams. And now, it appears the woman — whose real name is Angela Renée White — is on the hook for a MAJOR invoice! YIKES!!!

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According to TMZ, this year’s civil trial understandably proved to be a “costly affair” for the KarJenner fam. Thus, they are reportedly demanding Chyna cover the costs of their legal fees since she lost!

See, after Chyna’s loss in court early last month, presiding judge Gregory W. Alarcon ordered her to pay the reality TV clan’s litigation costs. The KarJenners just filed documentation citing exactly how much the whole thing cost. And if Chyna didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with the judge before this, we can only imagine what she must think now…

Per the docs, the Kardashian fam’s financial burden to defend themselves in court cost more than $390,000! And as the outlet notes, that does NOT include attorneys’ fees!


The news org notes some of the breakdown in costs, too. There was a little over $7,000 for “hosting electronic documents,” and another $20,000 for court reporter fees. “Service of process” ran nearly $10,000, while deposition costs — which were a key point of contention leading up to the trial — ran up to just over $63,000 more.

The biggest sub-section of the bill was “models, enlargements, and photocopies of exhibits,” and ran exactly $184,871.71. Add in about $97,000 of “uncategorized” costs, as well as a few more items, and BAM!! The family claims Chyna owes exactly $391,094 in trial-related fees after her loss. And again, just imagine adding attorneys’ fees on top of that! You can see the full financial breakdown over at TMZ by clicking HERE.

Lawyers Deliver Intense Opening Statements In Blac Chyna's Civil Trial Against The Kardashian Family
Don’t mess with Kris Jenner’s money! Just saying!! / (c) E! News/YouTube

Per the outlet, even though he already decreed that the family is owed court costs, Judge Alarcon “will still need to sign off on the final amount.” So it’s possible things could change.

Still, that’s a huge bill! Are Chyna’s pockets that deep?? Hopefully her mom’s GoFundMe can raise LOTS of money as soon as possible! LOLz!

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All this comes on the heels of another potentially major legal move for White: the mother of two may be on the verge of dropping her revenge porn lawsuit against ex-partner Rob Kardashian. If the Arthur George founder can get Chyna extricated from a third suit, she has apparently agreed to walk away from the revenge porn case. But wait! As we reported last week, White may be balking at that alleged deal, and could supposedly back out altogether.

Seems to us like avoiding more legal bills might be wise at this point. Especially if Judge Alarcon ultimately deems this $391,000 bill (or a large portion of it) is legit. But that’s just our POV!

What do U think, Perezcious readers??

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