Billie Eilish’s New Wax Figure Is BUSTED!!!

Is it time to retire wax figures altogether?! Because the latest renderings of celebs have fans’ heads spinning! This new one is no exception!

On Sunday, the Hollywood Wax Museum unveiled their brand new wax figure of Billie Eilish, and, well, it seems to capture her looking sadder than ever! The piece was supposed to depict the singer’s bold look from the 2020 Oscars but fans think it missed the mark on MANY levels!

The new wax figure sees the 20-year-old donning blonde hair and a pretty serious facial expression. She wears a large white jacket and white gloves with her first name embezzled in black lettering — similar to her Oscars look. At the event, she wore a Chanel ensemble and long black acrylic nails. Many of these show-stopping details were changed in the museum’s finished piece, such as the color of her nails (which were pink in an official snapshot of the figure but switched to black later on). Most notably, though, they opted for a blonde wig instead of her signature green and black hair at the time!

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It’s hard to know why they made these changes, but they weren’t done for the better, according to most fans. Before you hear the hot takes, check out the wax figure:

Twitter users were quick to bash the so-called busted piece on social media, reacting:

“They need to stop making these wax figures”

“this is brittany from glee”

“What is this?? no seriously hunny WHAT IS THIS???”

“Who is THAT”

“how on earth did they finish this wax figure and thought ‘yeah this looks like billie eilish’ THERE IS LIKE ZERO RESEMBLANCE”

“that’s barely eilish bro


One poor fan even snapped a photo with the figurine IRL and confirmed that the face just WASN’T IT. Look:

Other fans have claimed the expression makes her appear “lazy” or just plain unrecognizable!

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Most of the criticism centers around the face. Aside from the stern pose, many argued that the wax figure made Billie look much older than she really is, adding:

“Who’s that old granny”

“Yeah it’s Billie Eilish when she is 50 years old. One day we’ll all admit ppl need to stop making wax figures”

One person thinks the statue is so bad the museum should melt it! Dang!! They said:

“They need to melt it and redo!”

Yeesh! This is now the second time Billie’s had a poorly made wax figure done of herself! The first was revealed in 2020 at the Barcelona Wax Museum. Do you think this one deserves to be melted?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via E! Red Carpet & Award Show/Netflix/YouTube]

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