Bill Clinton Finally Gives HONEST Answer About Everything He Learned About Area 51 & Roswell Aliens!

Former president Bill Clinton stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden this week, and we got an answer out of him we didn’t expect!

As usual, bandleader Reggie Watts asked the best question (why don’t they just give him the show now that Corden is leaving, come to think of it??). He wondered what Clinton thought about the existence of extra-terrestrial life and UFOs that seems to have been confirmed by the government in recent years. After all, as the POTUS he would have gotten that tour of Area 51, right?

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Well, not really as it turns out. Much like in one of the most popular films of his presidency, Independence Day, President Clinton actually was told very little about Roswell and alien life — and he had to go digging for the information!

He began by validating the topic, which may have been seen as silly a few years ago, stating:

“That’s a legitimate question now.”

He then revealed he and his chief of staff John Podesta were actually really into the idea and went investigating in Area 51, admitting:

“We made every attempt to find out everything about Roswell, and we also sent people to Area 51 to make sure there were no aliens — because Area 51 is very important.”

He said he sent his National Security Adviser, the late Sandy Berger to investigate the site. As it turns out, he explained, Area 51 is where the US does a lot of their “invisibility research,” creating aircraft that can’t be picked up by radar — spy planes in other words — and that’s “why they are so secretive.”

Clinton said he never found out any hard proof of alien life — though he kept asking people he met through his job. He recounted one story in which he was visiting the WM Keck Observatory in Hawaii, home to two of the largest telescopes in the world, which are partially used for the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. He asked the scientists there and found out there are “huge” arguments about the chances of life in outer space:

“He said, ‘There are those of us that think it’s 85% likely and those of us that think it’s 95% likely.’ These are people who spend their lives doing this. He said, ‘We think in other words it’s very unlikely that there is not life.’ There are a billion, not a billion planets, a billion solar-like systems. There are lots of mysteries out there.”

Somehow he charmed the audience but said so much less than he could have. Ha!

Ch-ch-check out the full interview segment (below)!

Now if only someone had asked him about Jeffrey Epstein and the Lolita Express! Come on, Corden, you already announced you were leaving the show, burn those bridges, man! LOLz!

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