Below Deck’s Rhylee Gerber Removes ‘Ruptured’ Breast Implants Over ‘Poisonous Toxins’

Below Deck‘s Rhylee Gerber just made a big health move, and she’s feeling great because of it!

If you follow the 37-year-old on Instagram, you know she’s been keeping fans posted with her breast explant (AKA breast implant removal) journey, sharing earlier this month that she had consulted with the “amazing” Dr. David Rankin regarding her situation. At the time, she confirmed “I’m getting these guys removed,” adding:

“I’m so ready to feel 100 percent. I don’t even remember what 100 percent feels like anymore.”

Ahead of her Monday procedure, the former deck crew star explained she was suffering from horrible side effects, dishing:

“I’m tired of the inflammation, I’m tired of the sharp pains, I’m tired of feeling tired, and I’m tired of bloating for no f**king reason.”

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Later, Rhylee clarified, “we’re removing boobs but adding at the same time,” as she was scheduled to receive a “lift” in addition to the explant. Following the procedure, she hopped back on IG to share:

“I can only take home one breast implant because the other one was completely ruptured inside. But here it is, folks, one from my left side.”

Holy s**t!! As it turns out, she never realized she had a burst implant!!

“This other implant was just completely ruptured and leaking into my right breast capsule, which is probably why I felt a lot of nastiness.”

The former reality star then shared a few snaps of JUST how bad the leaking implants had gotten, and boy, we’re glad she included a graphic content warning because DAMN! In a series of pics and videos, which aren’t for the faint of heart, she revealed the damage that had been done, citing:

“Ruptured implant leaking arsenic and other poisonous toxins into my body.”

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It’s crazy how her body was telling her something needed to be done — and that she listened! Rhylee added the implant was “full of bacteria and toxin with a gnarly looking capillary encasing,” and that it was the reason for all her “inflammation/pain.” The Bravo personality noted:

“[It’s] more than likely this implant ruptured more than a year ago slowly leaking toxins into the body. Scar tissue to the top left and right aided in keeping the toxins from spreading too quickly possibly helping to save my body from further damage.”

Wow, can you believe that?! Pretty terrifying, but we’re glad no worse damage was done. As for the results following the surgery, she explained:

“Lots of swelling, bloating and back pain. Constipation from anesthesia and nerve blocker. The remaining natural breast tissue will fill out and I’ve got plenty maderna, arnica and fish oil to help with healing of the scars. So glad the ruptured silicone implant is out. I had no idea it was ruptured but realize that’s likely why I had all the [sharp] pains.”

See the results (below):

Rhylee Gerber Breast Explant Results
(c) Rhylee Gerber/Instagram

Sounds like a whirlwind experience, but we’re just happy she’s happy, and equally important: HEALTHY. What are your thoughts on Rhylee’s ruptured implant, Perezcious readers? How wild is that?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Images via Rhylee Gerber/Instagram]

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