Becky G’s Fiancé Breaks Silence On Cheating Accusation — Makes It All About HIS Pain & Suffering!

Becky G’s fiancé is finally addressing THOSE cheating accusations…

Last week anonymous Instagram user @ja29poo blasted Sebastian Lletget on the photo sharing app, alleging that he cheated on the MAMIII singer while at a nightclub in Madrid last month. She said she had the DMs, videos, and audio recordings to prove it, too. Obviously this demanded a response. Now the FC Dallas star is finally speaking out.

In a lengthy Monday morning Instagram post, the 30-year-old cryptically began:

“As an Athlete I have always tried to hold myself to a higher standard, recognizing the blessings and privileges in my career. When I reflect on the past 7 years of my life, I know in my heart that I couldn’t have achieved a lot of my personal & professional growth, let alone navigate the challenges in my life without the love & support of Becky by my side.”

Uh oh. Is Becky not going to be by his side anymore? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

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He continued:

“Yet behind this abundance, there is a reality I’ve hid from everyone around me. I have struggled with personal trauma and acute anxiety compounded by my own denial, pride and bad decisions.”

Is he really about to refer to cheating as struggling with “personal trauma”? Uh oh.

Speaking directly on this alleged cheating incident, he claimed the woman exposing him had attempted to blackmail him with the evidence first — and exposed him when he wouldn’t pay up!

“Over the last several weeks, during a moment I regret deeply, a 10 minute lapse in judgment resulted in an extortion plot. Since this person did not get what they wanted it has now become a public social media spectacle filled with more lies than any truth and false posts aimed at the love of my life, the one person who I should never take for granted or put at risk.”

Wait… He’s admitting to “a 10 minute lapse in judgment” — which REALLY sounds like a cheating confessions, albeit a pretty weak one — but then saying it’s “more likes than any truth”? He kept things all too vague as he continued:

“While this anonymous stalker — who I never met, unlike they claimed — had an ultimate goal that was not clear, for me it has been a wake-up call. The loudest alarm of my life. I can’t keep running from demons. I know that any actions made that put us here should have never happened to begin with. Pushing right up to the very boundaries of lines that should never be crossed only hurts me and the people I love most.”

So he’s admitting to doing SOMETHING, but says that he “never met” the person he claims to be extorting him?? Then who was the “10 minute lapse in judgment” with? How was he being extorted? WTF actually happened, Sebastian? Because a heartfelt confession doesn’t mean anything when you aren’t actually willing to own up to any wrongdoing.

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The athlete moved right on past all that to the pain being exposed has caused him — and the steps he’ll take to find “healing”: 

“This past week of pain and chaos has forced me to face the consequences of my actions, my fears & my lapses from the past. Have half-heartedly been participating in therapy, knowing I have deeply rooted anger and mental health issues that require the same commitment and treatment that I devote to my physical well-being. If I am to be the man I aspire to be, I have to do better. I have decided to commit myself to a mental wellness program to work on the parts of me that deeply need healing.”

We don’t want to downplay his mental health challenges, but we can’t help but feel he’s just trying to shift the focus to his self-described “demons” to save face by painting himself as a victim of the situation — when it sounds like he did definitely did some sketchy stuff. The soccer star finally spoke directly to Becky G, saying:  

“To Becky, you have been the light in my life, my strength, who has always shown me unconditional love. Instead of honoring that love every day, I have done the opposite, hurting you, and disrespecting the one person I love more than anything. I am so sorry and know I have to do whatever it takes to earn back the trust and love you deserve.”

And then apologized to his soccer team — presumably because he has some sort of morality clause?

“To my FC Dallas family, my fans, friends, and family Thank you for your love and support. I will do my best to be my best.”

See the full statement — for whatever it’s worth (below):

This was one of the longest ways to say “I f**ked up” we’ve ever seen… without actually confirming any specific behavior. Wow. We’ve been left with more questions than answers! What exactly went down that night?? Why did the anonymous IG user so confidently claim to have evidence of his infidelity? How exactly did his “mental health” play into his poor decision making?

Ugh, this must all be so tough for Becky. We know if we were in her shoes this apology would NOT cut it.

What are YOUR thoughts on Sebastian’s statement, Perezcious readers? What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments down below!

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