Becky G Talks Becoming The Breadwinner For Her Family As A Child & Having A ‘Midlife Crisis’ At Just 9 YEARS OLD!

For Becky G, providing for her family has always been one of her top priorities in life.

As you may know, the 25-year-old singer has become a force in the entertainment industry, releasing seven Billboard Hot 100 hit singles in both English and Spanish and starring in episodes of Empire, the 2017 live-action Power Rangers, and Machine Gun Kelly’s Good Mourning. She also has created her own makeup line, Treslúce Beauty.

But the rise to stardom was not always sunshine and rainbows for Becky. In a new interview with Teen Vogue published on Wednesday, she explained that the financial struggles her family faced for years pushed her to provide for them at a very young age. But by nine years old, that pressure to keep them afloat, Becky said, caused her to have a “midlife crisis… at nine” as she wasn’t able to get a job since she was still too little. Whoa. The Fulanito shared:

“The most I could probably do is sell chocolate bars at school, but what are they going to do, give me a toy piano? I don’t want that. I need good food on the table. I don’t know what [my drive was all about]. I still try to figure it out and unpack it in therapy, but it was out of necessity.”

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Fast forward years later, Becky recalled to the publication that things got so bad for her family that they lost their home in 2008 and were forced to move into her grandparents’ garage:

“We lost our home in the 2008 [financial] crash. My parents were broke and we had to check ‘homeless’ on our lunch applications. I remember how embarrassing it was to get my lunch taken away because I was in deficit.”

The Mayores artist went on to drop out of high school, where she was bullied by some of her classmates, to become “the sole provider” for her family – something she describes as the process of “parentification…when you become the emotional confidante for a parent.” Soon, she created her own YouTube channel, signed a record deal with Dr. Luke, and eventually released her hit song Shower. But the pressure to help out her family reached a point where she was willing to do anything and everything, even signing certain contracts that she didn’t fully understand at a young age. Becky explained:

“Industry-standard contracts looked a certain way when I signed and they look different today, so young hustlers like myself don’t understand it. Because if you told me to run up the mountain, do five spins, clap my hands three times, and do two jumping jacks, I will do it, if it means that I get to provide for my family.”

She continued:

“Thank God, I can speak another language because where I was in my career felt like I was tied to a sinking ship. And it’s terrifying to think at 18–19 years old, This is it. This is the end of what you’ve dedicated your entire life to.”


As for what’s next for her? Becky said she’s keeping her options open:

“I’m leaving room for spontaneity. I’m starting to really enjoy not knowing because that’s how I can get inspired by life again.”

But more importantly, she just wants to continue “learning” as much as she can, saying:

“The true artist at heart knows that I want to keep going. I want to keep learning. I’m that little sponge that just loves to absorb anything that I can, understanding the meaning and the why of something. And so, I’m excited for what’s to come because I know that the opportunities can be made into something even more beautiful. It’s humbling as hell.”

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