Bam Margera Shows Off Face Tattoo Tribute To Son Amid MESSY Child Support War

Bam Margera is making a statement! But is it the right one?!

The Jackass alum just debuted a brand new face tattoo in honor of his son, Phoenix Wolf, whom he shares with his estranged wife Nikki Boyd. Yes, he’s honoring the same kid he’s refusing to help raise in any capacity!

As you may recall, Nikki officially filed for separation after nine years of marriage last month — allegedly over a non-sober visit Bam shared with their 5-year-old. This comes as the skateboarder has been falling off the wagon, escaping rehab, and concerning friends and family for months with his erratic behavior.

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Sadly, things are only getting messier now as the couple fights over their child, with Nikki asking for full legal and physical custody and spousal support, which the Viva La Bam star has been unwilling to give — even though his wife and son were reportedly evicted, left without a car, and don’t have enough money to send the kiddo to school. Instead of helping, the 43-year-old is now trying to blame his lack of relationship with his son on Nikki!

In a new Instagram snapshot shared to his second account on Saturday, the MTV personality showed off a new face tattoo above his eyebrow — his son’s name in Arabic. According to Bam’s tattoo artist, Gray Wake, who spoke with TMZ, he came with a friend to Tribal Roots Tattoo Studio last week in Escondido, California to get the piece done. He also got a small tattoo on his hand. On IG, the embattled star acknowledged the ink in the caption, writing:

“I miss Phoenix the wolf so much I had to to get his name tattooed on my f**kin face to remind Nikki she is breaking my heart by not letting me see him.”

Shady AF!

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Perhaps he should spend more time focusing on his sobriety and actual parenting — and less time on the symbolic support. Kids don’t need ink to show you love them, they need their parents there!

Many fans weren’t so thrilled with Bam’s response to the controversy, with one person clapping back in the comments:

“You could just lead a clean, healthy life and see him whenever you want.”

Truth. We sincerely hope Bam gets the help he needs to turn his life around and rebuild a relationship with his son! A tribute like this can only go so far… Thoughts? Let us know what you think about this tattoo and caption (below)!

[Image via Bam Margera/Instagram]

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