Bam Margera Is Back In Court-Ordered Rehab Again After Multiple Escapes

We are heartened to hear things have possibly taken a turn for the better for Bam Margera.

The Jackass alum is back in court-ordered rehab right now after returning to receive oversight from experts late last week. That’s according to TMZ, which recently reported the 42-year-old is back getting help following a tumultuous period.

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Per the outlet, the Bam’s Unholy Union alum was able to get his treatment plan restructured by a judge. Sources told the news org the most significant tweak to Bam’s care is that he no longer has to be in an in-patient facility. Insiders are hopeful this change can benefit the reality TV veteran greatly, since in-patient work has clearly not been going so well.

Bam is still facing restrictions as he winds his way through treatment. They reportedly include a requirement to remain sober, orders to attend court-mandated classes, and scheduled visits with a psychiatrist. Those responsibilities are pretty similar to what would have taken place in a facility, so it seems obvious the judge is intent on getting Bam as much help as possible even if it’s through an out-patient situation.

One source spoke very bluntly about the situation, per Page Six:

“They’re gonna try an outpatient approach and pray for different results.”

We seriously hope for the best.

Of course, just a few weeks ago, Bam was spotted at a bar in Sarasota, Florida after reportedly fleeing from a rehab facility. That was one of several occasions in which the MTV alum has gone AWOL amid various treatment attempts. Through it all, his family and loved ones have hoped for intervention regarding his mental health and addiction issues.

Prior to his most recent rehab reversals, in a summer Instagram post about the situation, Bam’s family opened up a bit about his struggles. At the time, they shared this with the public:

“Bam is currently in treatment and we are helping him with his social media while he focuses on his recovery. We are his family who love and communicate with him to collaborate on his content and updates.”

He had previously been reported missing from another rehab facility in June. Two days after that report, he turned up safe at a hotel room. Weeks before that, he fled from another facility and was again found at a nearby hotel room.

Obviously, it’s been a tough road for Bam. He was arrested on DUI charges back in 2018. In addition to his treatment and rehab experiences, the reality TV star is estranged from his wife, Nicole Boyd (pictured with Bam in the inset, above). In September of last year, she filed for custody of their now-4-year-old son Phoenix, too.

We continue to wish Bam well during this difficult period.

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