Bam Margera Found Again After Ditching Rehab Facility For Second Time As Wife Nikki Boyd Speaks Out

In a bit of good news, Bam Margera has been found.

The Jackass star was reported missing on Saturday after he left his rehab facility “without permission” for the second time this month. He was located on Monday at a hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida. According to TMZ, police showed up with a crisis intervention team (including his mother and father). His camp revealed that they held an intervention for him on the spot with many members of Bam’s inner circle calling to speak with him.

During the conversation, the 42-year-old insisted on seeing his 4-year-old son Phoenix before returning to a sobriety treatment center. He was informed that he needed to get care before he would be allowed to see his child again. Likely because of this, Bam voluntarily agreed to check into a rehab center — but this time he is going somewhere new! Probably a good thing considering he had complaints about his care in the original facility, LifeSkills. Perhaps he just needs a fresh start? Whatever it takes to get back on track.

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He was en route to the new place on Monday. The Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed that he was located safely, as well. Great news.

It remains unclear if Bam’s wife Nikki Boyd was one of the family members to speak to him over the phone during his time of need, but it seems unlikely in light of their ongoing struggle. As we’ve been reporting, the duo split several weeks ago. The reality star checked into a sober living facility at the time of the breakup and then struggled to get in contact with Nikki for several weeks, causing him to split from rehab spontaneously on June 13. After a few days, he was found and returned to the center.

But now a representative is speaking out on behalf of Nikki. Talking to TMZ hours before Bam was found safely, the rep argued that Nikki feels like she is being falsely blamed for the skateboarder’s erratic behavior as of late despite going above and beyond for him. She moved from California to Florida earlier this year to be close to him after he completed a year-long sobriety program. Despite parting ways in the last few weeks, she’s still very supportive of him and wants to see him get the care he needs. She also had no idea where he had gone and was worried sick about his safety while he was missing. We imagine this must be so tough for her.

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As we reported, the stuntman left the LifeSkills residential facility again over the weekend, supposedly out of a fear he’d never see his child again. He was also worried that his being in treatment would prohibit him from proving himself as a good parent. Nikki filed for full custody of Phoenix in September, and while the legal trouble seemed to be behind them in May, it seems things have taken a turn for the worse now that they have hit a rough patch. It remains unclear if Bam has relapsed at all during his time out of rehab.

As always, we’re wishing him the best. Hopefully, the intervention with his family inspired him to stay focused on his sobriety journey. In the long run, that’ll be the best thing he can do for his son. Thoughts?

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